Beach Songs 2008 - 2009

Beach Songs

by Alan Lewis Silva

Released 2013
Released 2013
Beach Songs exhibits unique creativity in the musical color of rock. Its contents like "Wolfman vs. Dracula" and "Lonely Isolation” provide interesting samples of music and painting of thought-forms. Most of the songs were recorded in 2008.
Alan Lewis Silva is a self-taught writer and musician with various theatrical applications as a native southern Californian. He is educated and a fan of Russian opera. He captures live tragedy and comedy, from a higher or lower vantage point, with intuitive readiness and skill.

“These Rooms”

She puts the puzzle together,
Piecing the clues
That have been released
Into these rooms

There might have been a murder,
But we know that somebody stole things
From the other,

So she's got her detective
Working at all hours
He traces the figures,
Sketches their character profiles
Well, the one who’s a cyclops
Wants the attention,
Might have been motivated
To take the jewelry for charity
And claim the rewards,
Such as silent beers at the movies

The next one on the list,
As he crosses out the first’s,
Is a woman who wanted her boyfriend,
Who stole him away seven years ago
Now they're married and divorced
With two children in another state,
Living with their parents

By Alan Lewis Silva, circa 2008
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