Beach Songs 2008 - 2009

California Authors

by Alan Silva & the Cosmik Originals

Released 2009
Lusitone Records
Released 2009
Lusitone Records
This album features the eleven minute "Mystic Disease Two" freshly mixed. Also listen to the mind-altering "Plato's Allegory of the Cave." You should try to decipher the meanings of the songs and question. This album operates on many mental arenas.
California Authors

“Poem for the 20th Century”

sinclair lewis’s dream
feels nice
like a rabbit would dig the dirt
building a miracle burrow
snug in the ground.
it becomes
a buddhist grave ,
chinese grave ,
—a poet’s grave everywhere
in the foreground he lives

paws multiplying
on the still earth

feeling his heart beat
the sex
an scurrying purpose
of house & occupation
eating carrots/ and you always have the rites of spring

sinclair lewis, you yourself
are rabbit, babbit,
watchin out for gunshots,
and dogs,
trespassing the acreage
of someone’s stolen farm
strung out, caught, and put-out high
on zenith meat hooks

(c) 2005 by Alan Silva
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