Musical Directions

Dear Friends,

        I have been thinking about possible new additions to the website and projects I would like to work on. To be sure, I have been working on and actually have recorded some new projects for 2017. I hope to get four new albums recorded this year, getting back with my old style of production. I have about 33 new songs already written and some dreams written down among and more to them. The production level will be a next stage of music for me, and still sounding different than what is out there in terms of music. My most recent book, New Century Poems (2016), a sequel to Musical Shadows (2015), will be followed up likely by a new book this year.

         Relating to the website, I have been thinking about adding an Influences page, and / or Recommendations page. As I listen to the music I love, that I feel I have a resonance with (including the written Word and books I read), I kind of want to have it out there for people to get interested in, as well. It would be nice to see this start on a next level of community involvement and cultural achievement.

         I had decided that Facebook and Twitter are not good methods for doing this, which is why I deleted those accounts and have been pursuing pay-for-click advertising and word-of-spirit for advocating for Art expressions. I hope to advance my website as a kind of locus for more on the Internet, interlacing the human soul to conquer demons.

         That is it for now. God bless you now for reading this.


Alan Lewis Silva

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