Boa Sina 2004

Ao Vivo

by Alan Silva

Released 2004
Lusitone Records
Released 2004
Lusitone Records
Falling through the basement window, I stood at the edge of a cemetery filled with butter-dragonflies. I felt perplexed and confounded before realizing that this was all a dream... but whose dream was it?
"Station Variation"
By Alan Silva (2004)

Waiting at the station, standing in line
Tourists are talking and I can’t recognize
And I don’t know what I’ll find
I’m just looking through the orange painted windows drinking wine

Station blues, day after day
Things are gonna change is what they say
But I’d rather be taken away
than to sit here thinking of these yesterdays

I went to the station looking for work
The food manager was such a jerk
And he stole my plot to be a clerk
How is it I find myself in the dirt?

I’m quite alone, I sit on the roof
I was looking at the stars when they stole my shoes
I hear if they like you then that is just what they do
I’m kind of sleepy, gonna go to bed
Baby how about you?

We’ll be shipping out soon, the Master said
so I got up from the Master’s bed
And then I said goodbye and then I kissed her head
The morning rose and the sky was red

Ah how do I count the years that passed?
It used to seem like they were such a blast
I shed my tears but the tears don’t last
waiting at the stations near the hourglass…
waiting at the stations near the hourglass…
waiting at the stations near the hourglass…
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