Boa Sina 2004

Boa Sina

by Alan Lewis Silva

Released 2004
Lusitone Records
Released 2004
Lusitone Records
This album has been professionally mastered. The music has jazz tones and folk influences.
Boa Sina

All Songs © Copyright 2004 by Alan Lewis Silva

1. Coal Mine

Working in a coal mine
Working in a coal mine
Working in a coal mine
losing my mind…

You say, Son, you better get up
Go to the back of a pick up truck
You’re gonna go up, then you’re gonna go down
Then you’re gonna be the king of the coal town

Working in a coal mine
Working in a coal mine
Working in a coal mine
losing your mind…

They say, Girl, come over here
You’re the queen of my atmosphere
I’m covered with dust, my lungs all black
But your love’s gonna give me a heart attack

Working in a coal mine
Working in a coal mine

I don’t like the trees
They’re too damn tall
All the proud motherfuckers gotta cut ‘em all
They go up, and then they go down
to make the room for the coal town

Working there…

I’m outta luck now
Got no time
Got no friends
Got no time
Working with a hammer
Working with a pick
Working just to get rid of my nervous itch

2. Was Loving You a Mistake

Forget last year’s promises
Tonight I’ll break them all
The bells they toll for Jesus
Mother Mary and Saint Paul
Pigs rummage through the yard
and then they bite the snakes
I undress and go to bed wondering
Was loving you a mistake?

The music of stray sounds
echoes through my head
And I make a prayer for progress
as I kneel at my bed
Outside a wind is blowing
from the darkness of the lake
I toss and turn beside you
Was loving you a mistake?

The tolling of an hour
shakes me from the sleep I’m in
But again I think I see you
So let me crawl within your skin

Poke the fire, watch the ember
Put the flame back in its place
Lie together we read fortunes
and I touch your youthful face
All around the earth is moving
but the earth within me shakes
asking when I kiss you softly
Was loving you a mistake?

Too many travels
there’s too much madness in the wind
The day’s a wasted circle
so the sunset must begin

I watched flies and felt the season
I heard the season say, Too soon!
with my body sweet like wet grass
as I stumbled to your room
The leaves are turning brown
The fall air won’t hesitate
And I think of last September
Was loving you a mistake?

3. Another Refugee

Come on down we’re gonna have some fun
put a pig on the spit and stare at the sun
and if I don’t see you soon, baby, I’ll be done
It never seemed to me that you’re the lonely one

Worked so hard that I think I’ll swoon
Crawl through the dirt and then I’ll stare at the moon
You know I did it for you but you did it for me
maybe just to have an idea to believe

Well, the ghost of your love still keeps me awake
with a puddle of tears and a dream I can’t shake
I wanted to come here why do I want to escape?
I look good for my age but my heart’s out of shape

The grass is sweet, the lawn is kept
The yard is green all but for me except
for the spot where we killed ourselves last time
Why do we have to draw these lines?

Every time I see you I feel like a pushing a wall
tearin’ at the bottom just to find it all
Tired of looking out so I got to look in
Drink a bottle of blues; then the room begins to spin…

4. Vanished like into the Air

Our relationship fell apart about a week ago
I’ve got some things I want to give back to you—
your green blanket and your clothes
You know that shirt says Search and Annoy
Why do you have to look at me like that?
Why do you look at me like that?
Am I a stranger to you?

The room is stuffy, I locked myself inside today
You’ve been like this before
Is there a reason I should be mad at you?
I think so
But I pushed it over the end
Well, I pushed it over the end
The sky is dirty through the window screen

Silhouettes, broken cups, bottles of wine
Smoke and shadow in the air
Disappeared, we just both disappeared
Banished and it never been so bare
Vanished like into the air
I wish that you were here

Take some pills, forget your misery
Will it do the job?
I hear you laugh and then the next moment you’re crying
Why can’t you tell me what it’s all about?
Tell me what it’s all about
Why are you so afraid to love me?

5. Suicide Creekbed

Gonna go to the river,
hang my head and cry
Gonna go to the river
Jump in the water and die

Found a footprint on a path
Saw a clown’s clothes by the ship mast
Well, it doesn’t matter now
‘cause I got to die
Oh, I got to die!

6. Frozen Leaves

There a shimmer off that ice covered river
that reminds me of your eyes
And it’s so clear, yet frozen, waiting
for the warm spring thaw
Down by the hollow the fresh snow has fallen
and the tree bark is all turned black
But the ground is white and soft and cold
Well, I’m lost staring at the icy cataract

The weak sunlight here casts a shadow in the air
from the ridge to the bank
And early in the morning I lie staring
at the gleam on the windows as I wake
I think of the past as I’m looking at that shining glass
at daybreak when I rise
And I know winter begins right before the spring
as I wait for the sun to rise

Well, snowfall here is but a draft in the air
yet, I can tell you the silence is good
Things aren’t the same as the used to be
but I cease to care when I’m here cutting firewood
I can see the frost off my breath like smoke from cigarettes
as I come by this way
It’s a long walk to the creek
but it gives me the time to think
of everything to say

Your waxed black hair is a memory
drifting from scene to scene in this stupid play
But of your mind the thought just comes to mind
the roses it portrayed
Sitting on this hollow log as the early morning fog
comes like a drug through the canyon
It overpowers black and white as I slowly lose my sight
and when I’m blind I’ll know I’m done

7. Rainy Song Man

Just press it back…


Take me by the umbrella
Take me by the pneumonia
anytime you want to see me
I’m so in love with you
Are you in love with me?

Listen to the music that I’m playing for you now
It’s so bright and sunny
And it’s filled with love for you,
love for you

It’s so bright and dandy
when I look into your eyes
I’ll give you lots of candy
if you will take my heart in yours

And, by and by,
we’ll find a nice
place to go
when it rains,
savin’ up our rainy day money
for that rainy day
We’ll spend it on a plane ticket to Europe

8. Metal and Glass


9. People Really Don’t Know

Gonna tell ya a story ‘bout a dream I had
when I was three and I talked to my dad
I said, Dad, where do angels come from?
He said: They come from the heavens, son

Another idea I had when I was five
I said, Dad, when does it mean to be alive?
He said: People really don’t know
Come on, get outta the snow

But I had my suits, and all that stuff
And I had my boots, and all that stuff
And I was building a snowman
—No friends
Mama cookin’ spam

Philosophize that, my friend

10. Genie

Grin like a fool I wish I was cool
I’m taking thread from a spool
Grant me one thing that my song is a string
and I’m walking on a snow-melted spring

Genie, won’t you grant me just one wish?
Make me boneless as a jellyfish!
Genie, won’t you grant me just one more?
Make me a dinosaur!

Boy, am I sad; and I have been bad
Genie, I’m falling asleep on the floor
I’m high when I’m down and there’s no one around
‘cause this is chicken town!

Genie, won’t you grant me just one wish?
Make me boneless as a jellyfish!
Genie, won’t you grant me just one more?
Make me a dinosaur!

I good when I’m glad, and, man, I been bad
I’m cutting a plow through the land
Give me a grin, now you see what I mean
before I bust this table in!

Genie, won’t you grant me just one wish?
Make me spineless as a jellyfish! (Achoo!)
Genie, won’t you grant me just one more?
I wish I was a dinosaur!

Oh, boy! I got a new toy
and I’m feeling pretty good now
Look under that rock and inside that clock
and you’ll find yourself a new car

Everybody’s saying, How does it go?
Don’t you know me anymore?
I say, Well, were you ever here?
or Have you ever been here at all?

Genie, won’t you grant me just one wish?
Make me spineless as a jellyfish!
Genie, won’t you grant me just one more?
Make me a dinosaur!

Two-foot five tall is my height
and I’m white, too
I have clocks in my eyes
and bells in my ears
And I’m thinking of rosy deer

Don’t stick your tongue
I don’t think it’s fun
You look like you’re on drugs
And I don’t like the way you’re flying that kite anymore, love

Genie, won’t you grant me just one wish?
Make me boneless as a jellyfish!
Genie, won’t you grant me just one more?
Make me a dinosaur!


11. Une, Des, Trois

Un, ven, twun, te…



Trollin’ down the highway
Trollin’, trollin’, trollin’
Do it my way…

My way…

Trollin’ down the…
Gonna do it, yeah….
Trollin’, oh yeah,
gonna do it, oh yeah…

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, uh, uh
Yeah, uh, uh, uh
Yeah, yeah, oh, yeah,
Um, um, yeah, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh
Yeah, uh, um, a na

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