This page is devoted to the original discography of ALAN LEWIS SILVA's albums prior to the 2016 republications coinciding with the Musical Shadows book release. If you are interested, you can use the Contact email or Guestbook page.


Boa Sina / Ao Vivo / Carlos Terceira

This album was the first ALAN LEWIS SILVA album. It was a triple CD album. It included recordings from as early as 2001 when ALAN recorded his very first studio album entitled Farmer Frank's Blues in Santa Barbara. That album was never released as an album though. There was cover art for it. Songs also came from living in Isla Vista in 2002-3, and Goleta on Yolo Lane in 2003-4. ALAN was going to school at the University of California, Santa Barbara then. He graduated in 2005 with a B.A. in English and a Minor in Anthropology. He had a girlfriend for about 11 months named Jennifer. He feel in love with her, and when it ended he was depressed for a long time afterward; c'est la vie...  

Around 2012 ALAN started going by his complete name (with the middle name "Lewis") to avoid confusion with the less famous jazz bassist and composer whose name is also ALAN SILVA. Before 2012, it used to say ALAN SILVA on the cover art of the albums. Back in the early days of the internet (remember Myspace) both our song collections used to show up when people made searches on businesses like Itunes.

The title Boa Sina is an homage to Antonio Chainho's "Fado da Boa Sina", which is a beautiful song, musically and lyrically.

Boa Sina

1. Coal Mine

2. Was Loving You a Mistake

3. Another Refugee

4. Vanished Like into the Air

5. Suicide Creekbed

6. Frozen Leaves

7. Rainy Song Man

8. Metal and Glass [instrumental]

9. People Really Don't Know

10. Genie

11. Une, Des, Trois

Ao Vivo

1. Station Blues

2. Paradise Cafe

3. Treatment with Forceps

4. Suicide Creekbed (Live)

5. Rainy Day Window

6. Sooner or Later

7. Tied to an Anthill

8. Talk about Getting Married

9. Station Variation

10. Ballad of Dan & Suzanne

11. I Am the Moon

12. Portland's Song

13. Jack and Jill

Carlos Terceira

1. New Orleans

2. Utopian Deli

3. Dream

4. Rio Negro

5. Cement

6. O Maria

7. Manzanita

8. Cold Mountain [instrumental]

9. The 8th Man

10. Huey vs. the Sun

11. El Dorado

12. In This Town

Mystery House

This album is also from the same song pool that Boa Sina was collected from. The songs here seemed to be more difficult to get a hold of in terms of the audio editing process, and some also just didn't seem to fit into the neat little arrangement of the tracks on the other discs. However, the way they ended up being arranged seemed appealing and kind of cemented a bohemian vibe. One of the designs on the cover art shows the building of a labyrinth.

Mystery House

1. Big Green Country

2. Railroad Dream

3. Sand and Foam

4. Gypsy Flies

5. Walk Through Paris

6. Emperor of Ice Cream Blues

7. Gotham Marie

8. Hear Me Out

9. Manchild

10. Punched

11. We Can Go

12. Don't Give Me Too Much


Rose Blood: Volumes I & II

The interesting thing about this album is that ALAN was able to record it at a high quality recording studio through a connection having to do with his education. He had a great engineer whose contributions are greatly valued. 

The songs themselves seem to presage some events that hadn't really happened to the extent that they later would, which could seem like a self-fulfilling prophecy, or perhaps they had to do with the emotional residue of being a misfit from living in the Mojave Desert as a teenager. Perhaps it, like life, was a combination. ALAN personally is still quite fond of and enjoys these songs, and while his own friends at the time would ridicule him for their sappiness, it's interesting to note that these songs have been among the more popular ones in his catalogue.

Rose Blood: Volume I

1. Turning Stones

2. Sign in the Window

3. Old Wet Road

4. Apple Tree

5. I Wear a Black Suit

6. In the Morning

7. Walking Through the City

8. Implicate Everyone

9. Brazil

10. Palace of Love

11. Patches

12. Next Time Around

13. Song for Geronimo

Rose Blood: Volume II

14. I Call It Love

15. Tonite

16. A Guy Like Me

17. Rose Blood

18. Poisoned Well

19. Blue's Song

20. Arriving in Port

21. Saddle Up the Palomino

22. Tracing Circles

Gypsy Songs

ALAN felt like he was on a pretty good roll in terms of music at this time in his life. He had so many possibilities in his youth, and maybe he felt like he was pretty much invincible. Although physically not dominating, ALAN had a great will; and yet no matter the level of spiritual malaise he might admit to undergoing in the years before his conversion, maybe as with King Solomon it seemed like every door opened at a thought-command. 

For some, this has been their favorite album. It features ALAN on grand piano or a classical guitar with nylon strings. Like the way his lyrics could be intended, the original cover art suggests various interpretations despite the crudeness of a primitive. Something elegant goes on.

Gypsy Songs

1. Think of Me

2. Walls Are Thumping

3. Only Waiting

4. Oh My Love

5. If You Like Me

6. Dada

7. Five Years Left

8. Water in the Well

9. Russia's Song

10. In a Place Like This

11. Mystery Illness

12. Paths of Relocation

13. Run of the Mill

14. Like a Shelf

15. Wandering Shield

16. Cruel '44

17. Old Man

18. Acho Que

19. When the Good Ship Comes

Mountain Stairs

This was the first album recorded after ALAN graduated from university. Recorded in the summer of 2005 in the house he grew up in in Ridgecrest, it was also before ALAN got hired and worked as a high school English teacher at his old high school that fall, winter, and spring.

The songs show a concentrated and somewhat crude attempt at multi-layering tracks for an orchestrated effect, something that can be taken for granted.

Mountain Stairs

1. They Were Walking

2. Xes

3. Where True Love Grows

4. Airport Blues

5. Hold Me

6. Mountain Stairs

7. Cristine of the River

8. Sometime in the Century

9. Reversed References

10. No Clothes

11. Ballad of the Scorpion

Big Green Country

A few of these songs were recorded in La Mesa and San Diego, while most were recorded with his housemates and friends back at the house on Yolo Lane during college.

The cover art reminds ALAN of Santa Barbara and includes different sylvan creatures and a pangolin.

Big Green Country

1. I Could Take What I Would Gather

2. Cat's in the Well

3. Gypsy Clothes

4. Drau

5. Leaves of Fire

6. Grandfather's Dream

7. Man in La Mancha

8. What You Do

9. There Was a Woman

10. Song

11. Brown Eyes

12. Yes, Yes

13. Set Sail

14. Transylvania

15. Magma [instrumental]


Secret Life

This album was recorded at an office converted into a studio during ALAN's first year of teaching, except for the song on piano. The location was a hideaway, and the subject matter of the songs shows an influence of Portuguese and American folk themes. The title song for example illustrates the interest he was developing for examining himself. Something pushes outward at the same time. It is a very brutal record in some ways. From the same office came the first drafts of "The Moon Was Blue" and "Mystic Disease" (their written forms).

Secret Life

1. Secret Life

2. Really Love You

3. Mayflower

4. It's Not Enough

5. Island Living

6. Gypsy Song

7. When I Was a Boy

8. Waltz Tune

9. The Missing Body

10. Song for Barbara

11. Shake It

Changing the Guards

ALAN recalls traveling to visit friends in Santa Barbara and Hollywood during this timeframe. For the majority these songs were recorded at a house in SB, while a few were from Mojave Desert where he was still living for work. The aspect of these travels and bohemian modality lends a troubadour and reveling liveliness to the simultaneously blunt and unusually crude, even for him, sound quality, which was a major task to deal with for the 2016 reissues. 

ALAN was recording with a Roland 1880, which may have gotten damaged from being hauled back and forth with his traveling gear in the heat and bumpy roads driven in his Chevy Lumina. Many of the songs have a tavern style quality to them, which is perhaps something to do once and then let go.

Changing the Guards

1. Crimson Cow

2. Changing the Guards

3. Four Rivers

4. Goddess Aphrodite

5. I Saw You

6. Keep Your Love Alive

7. Ballad of the Amazon

8. Mela Me

9. Comfortable Lover

10. Lord Alfred

11. Does

12. Felt Like the First Time

13. Well Wishing

14. Two Roads

15. Rue C'est La Vie

16. On View of the Rear

17. Plectrum

18. The Boxer

19. Red River Valley

20. There Is No Heat (Reprise)

21. Waiting for the Revolution

Aviary Tomb

Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, and piano. A range of environments from Nevada to the Pacific coast. A dry and feisty gloom. Grunge breaths of a lizard and snake baking on a rock or mice scurrying in the moonlit dark.  

Aviary Tomb

1. Aviary Tomb

2. Gypsy Highway

3. Maria Notebook

4. I Like the Way You Look

5. Maybe Next Time Around

6. The Night You Left Texas

7. About Indian Creek

8. Photograph

9. Mary Jane Ruby

10. Living in a Yacht

11. Like a Sailor

12. Telling the News

13. Hollywood Dream

14. The Story of the Talking Guitar


The River Trilogy

Hunters and Hunted / Numas Estrelas / Golden Palace

This was a pretty cool idea ALAN thought up. Based on what he considered he was doing as a novel way of approaching music with his bohemian troubadour style of rogue, independent, folksy, lyrical singer-songwriter genre, he would have a series of concept albums, each tied to the other through symbol of nature that serves as a guide; thus was The River Trilogy, as he called it.

One thing that shouldn't be taken for granted or ignored, if one is to understand the music and literature connection of ALAN LEWIS SILVA, the artist, relative to global arts, is the epoch he lived in, which was the dawn of a new millennium (and a new century), at least insofar as time is calculated according the Roman calendar.

The Roman calendar may not necessarily mean anything in and of itself (maybe "a new millennium" just sounds cool); however, with the World Trade Center attacks in 2001 (the same year ALAN graduated high school), the geopolitical events that followed, the acceleration of technology in the digital era, and the immense changes that these and other social elements wrought on human culture and civilization, it makes the time period of these albums as a context of art something to take note of with the understanding that ALAN was writing and recording this original music on his own, without much in the way of outside help except for a few friends, his parent's support for his education, and, most importantly, God.

These songs and albums were by ALAN's own creative reasons and motives. To go further into what he was intending as an artist altogether, what he expected or wanted from life, why he wrote or recorded the way he did, I have a suggested a little, but to treat such things in detail gives places to another discussion.

Moving on (like the riv-ah), Hunters and Hunted is arranged as a psychological array of character masks filled up with ventures, emotions, and settings of exotic mystique. The listener ventures into a kaleidoscope of souls likened to a world of predators and prey in a sacred song.

Numas Estrelas carries on the flow for a main character who is time-traveling. The character is set in art, as well, since the majority of the songs on the album are suggested by ALAN's impressions of a book of Japanese Picture Scrolls, edited by Elise Grilli (New York: Crown Publishers, Inc., 1958) showing actual Japanese picture scrolls from long, long ago. The book itself ALAN had checked out from San Diego State University's Love Library since, by this time, he had moved to San Diego where he was attending graduate school for his M.A. in English (he would write his M.A. thesis entitled Claims of Identity in Bret Harte's Gabriel Conroy in 2008). The time-travel album moves in all directions, changing scenes and lenses, and it has a slightly stronger element of rock in terms of the music. (Much of ALAN's music, especially with the 6/8, has a kind of roll.) The album title, like Boa Sina, Ao Vivo, and Carlos Terceira, is in Portuguese.

Golden Palace deals with the idea of worldly success and how spiritual life and compassion is spurned by the world. Maybe the songs are too pessimistic, too political pointed on predicated parameters, or too personal. Such focuses wind up being vain and hollow, like the Golden Palace depicted in the cover art.

The River Trilogy cover art shows all three albums connected with the river going through fantastic scenes in ink and pencil drawn by Rudolfo Gonzalez. He did a great job making the panels special and wonderful. It's funny how the last song of the collection is about a ship... a cream ship.

Hunters and Hunted

1. A Port in Ghent

2. To Be in Love with You

3. Caring

4. Hunters and Hunted

5. You've Tortured Me

6. Strange People

7. Peregrine Wine

8. Mystery House

9. Winter Comes So Quickly

10. Thank You, Lord

11. Who Am I

12. Land of Trees

13. Drinking Tea

14. No Limit

15. Six Six Six

16. Coming Back to You

17. Cure Looking

18. Crazie Crazie

Numas Estrelas

1. Love Is a Wheel (That Turns, Turns, Turns)

2. Roll It

3. Into a Day's Work

4. Shall I Play My Lute

5. Numas Estrelas

6. Her Soldier's Coming

7. Decadent Priest

8. Hell in November

9. Eating in a Japanese Picture Scroll

10. Renown Black Peacoat

11. Blue Roses

12. What Happens Next

13. Love, Come Back to Me

14. Rambly Andy

15. Golden Palace

Golden Palace

1. Love Is a Lie

2. Vegetables Taste Good

3. People Need to Move

4. Thin Glass Blanket

5. Identify the Pain

6. Replace Your Heart

7. Green Moon

8. It's an Emergency

9. Wild Love

10. They Didn't Get It

11. Cream Ship

Flower People

This album features more orchestrated use of multiple instruments and multi-layering to enhance ALAN's lyrical style. It's meant as a kind of transition album to a newer style in that way. It also features longer, more epic songs.

Joe Einertson plays rhythm guitar on parts 1, 2, and 3 of the Mystic Disease Suite (as well as "A Discourse on Deconditionism," which starts the musical suite found in the 2016 reissues). Philly B rocks the tambour on "Mental Wizards" and Matt Janacek plays one  of the two bass tracks on "It Should Be Free," and also bass on "I Missed the Boat" and "Cement City".

Some would say people are like trees, our lives are like flowers. Both flowers and trees grow up, and trees can have sweet blossoms born from the smallest of seeds.

Flower People

1. Badlands Abandoned

2. Mystic Disease 1

3. Mystic Disease 2

4. Mystic Disease 3

5. Mental Wizards

6. I'd Rather Be Free

7. I Missed the Boat

8. I'm So Weary for You

9. I Still Know I'm Cool

10. It Should Be Free

11. Boorhead Jones

12. Big Bedroom in the Sky

13. Cement City


Beach Songs

Cliff M. Jomuad designed the fantastic cover art for this album. Its collection of songs continues the theme of local color and California literature that ALAN was intending. The transition toward a brighter, more textured musical sound is also going on. Lyrically, it is off the hook, as well. 

During this time, during his graduate education, ALAN played weekly and listened to live music for hours at a one-of-a-kind fado-style music venue and Portuguese restaurant in Ocean Beach called Portugalia. The owner, Jason Nascimento, really put a lot of his heart and soul into that enterprise, and it was really a special treat to experience and be a part of. It was a real treat to be a part of that experience. Beach Songs reminds ALAN of a special time in his life.

It is good to be grateful to God.

Beach Songs

1. Underground Railroad Station

2. Golden State

3. Wolfman vs. Dracula

4. Keep It Real

5. Blue Windows

6. Groaning, Grooving

7. Feel the Music

8. Lonely Isolation

9. These Rooms

10. Hearts for People

11. Siren Blues

12. Dead Museum

13. Dream On, Wisconsin

14. By the Light of the Moon

15. San Francisco Blues

16. Los Angeles Satire


California Authors

This album could have included a lot of material that did not become available until 2016. Things overall were just going crappy, but maybe that is more perspective than fact. The songs are reasonably well done, "good enough" ("Everything Is Working" being an attempt to resolve the bad influence of Bob Dylan's "Everything Is Broken", but does it help?).

At this time a lot of people were just putting ALAN down.

There was more colorful, different cover art for a different set of tracks, but it all become black. It took Jesus Christ to save ALAN before he could start to make things better.

California Authors

1. Plato's Allegory of the Cave

2. Internal Affairs

3. Eastern Arches

4. California Authors

5. Difficult to Explain

6. Hippies I Know

7. Everything Is Working



This album is part of a literary concept that relates to New Century Poem's section entitled "San Miguel". The song sequence shows a somewhat finished project, but the songs themselves, including the unreleased ones from these sessions, for their higher levels of production, still needed to be remastered for 2016.

San Diego is like a Park Land, a lot of entertainment but as much culture as an alligator.


1. Grove of Moonlight

2. Tell Me You Will

3. Skip Chasee

4. Apples of Eyes

5. Do It Now

6. Sixties Washouts

7. She Belongs to Me

8. Feel the Night

9. Amy

10. Good Pine Tree

11. You Choose You Lose

12. Eastern Arches (Live)

13. Are You Ready

I Been Living

A kind of manna ("what is it") sustained ALAN that gave him strength to keep writing, to not just give up completely on music and writing. When thinking about the way songs streamed in abundantly from 2004 to 2008, the going was pretty rough, but songs from this time-period, like them all, serve like a yearbook of new things being found out, channeled, and figured out.

The production level for this album is really a lot less than Parkland, especially, and also lower than most of any of ALAN's other albums. The music is independent, though, as it had been and would continue to be. Could it have been much more basic? However, basic is also a basis.

I Been Living

1. I Been Living

2. Greatnorthwest

3. What Is There

4. I Want to Be Good

5. American Highway

6. Owl and a Couple

7. Of Greeks and Words

8. Bohemian Troubadour


Alan Silva

This is the only album by ALAN that has a dedication. It says on the back cover, "This album is dedicated to the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ". ALAN LEWIS SILVA repented of his sins and asked JESUS CHRIST into his heart, giving his life to Him and believing in His resurrection, as he felt Christ's call and his own lack and total need for salvation from God, about January 16, 2011. It was the best decision ALAN ever made in his whole life

Alan Silva is not a long album, and the original version, like some of the albums around this time before it, included re-edited or different versions tracks that are not included in the present discography. Yet even for their brevity or "EP status", ALAN wanted to have new songs out each year for posterity's sake, for his yearbook's sake. Although generally no one notices anything from a nobody, clearly that idea didn't stop ALAN during the early days. It can be lonely to live in your own world, but it is better that way with God when everything else is uncertain.

Alan Silva

1. Leafy Seahorses

2. Rhapsody in Blue Rose

3. A Dream Is a Dream

4. Iron Roses

5. Pinto Corvere

6. The Eyes of Mexico

7. Howling Love and Rain

8. Salvador



This is one of ALAN's favorite albums. It was the first one he did with his new professional CD manufacturer, Kunaki, and it features a long narrative audio at the conclusion, which is part of a series of dreams he recorded when he was keeping them. It was the first full-length release ALAN felt he completed to his own standards since Beach Songs. The genre listing reads "Rock-Folk-Grunge-Poetry".


1. Manuelina

2. Out the Window Baby

3. Singing as a Snowflake

4. Alanthebarbarian

5. I Know a Man

6. A Musical Letter

7. I Think I Know You

8. For the Angel Dancing Outside My Window

9. I Love Jesus

10. I'm Not Perfect

11. The Weight of Read and Not Read

12. Wow, You Are Living in San Diego

13. The Gifts of Heaven

14. Romeo y Ramera

15. Riparian Girls and Excavated Scenery


J2C 1-7 Soundtrack

In 2013 ALAN made a film, a creative travel documentary entitled Journey to Colorado 1-7. It represents a different creative direction ALAN was going in, expanding his potential. The travel episodes with music were first intended to be part of an internet web-series, but that idea soon became impractical. The Journey to Colorado series was published as far as episode 8.

While original video and virgin audio remains to take the series even further... from Carlsbad Caverns to Colorado... the film one day could be finished. A second documentary was filmed (in raw video and audio) covering the California coast, but it became too labor intensive for ALAN to be motivated to finish.

ALAN is proud of his DVD and soundtrack achievement. It is an experience he has learned interesting lessons from. It is good to travel from time to time.

J2C 1-7 Soundtrack

1. Theme Words Travel

2. I Teach English

3. Sand Land

4. Granulated Poetry

5. Roadside Preserves

6. Next Level Up Pyramids

7. Let's Get a Better Look

8. Life as a Dateland

9. Date World

10. Nighttime Tucson

11. University Arches

12. Look, There Is a Fountain

13. Volcanic Rock

14. Desert Thorns

15. Mustache

16. Downtown Tucson

17. Surface of the Sun

18. Buildings Like Glowing Sand

19. American Teraphim 1 & 2

Summer Girls

This album was recorded in 2013. It contains some really cool songs ALAN collaborated on with his good friend in Santa Maria. This is a secret album.

Summer Girls











The Moon Was Blue

"The Moon Was Blue" is a short story a little over 7000 words by ALAN LEWIS SILVA. This audio CD version of the story is the only version publicly extant. It's a romance in a way.

The Moon Was Blue

1. The Moon Was Blue

2. I Would Like

3. But I Don't

4. Meanwhile

5. Ode To

6. A Swan Floats

7. First Tourist

8. The Rain Fell

9. He's Been Thinking

10. I'm Probably

11. He Took Her Hand

Ash City: Is a World

ALAN had the idea after JESUS to make a few short 4-song single CD EP's. ALAN was a real fan of Oasis in high school (during which time he bought their 4-song import singles) (the first three Oasis albums are the best ones).

In these shorter EP releases ALAN just wanted to experiment with new ways to record with a higher production value. They do seem to be most readily accessible ones for new fans. Although they are just a few songs, they lay a foundation. These tracks were professionally mastered.

Ash City: Is a World

1. Ash City

2. Excitement

3. Is a World

4. When I'm 84

Be Your Man: Hot Cow

Kyle Lathom plays drums on these songs. They were professionally mastered.

Be Your Man: Hot Cow

1. Be Your Man

2. She Needs Love

3. Hot Cow

4. Paint Spill


Songs for Mercedes

Mercedes means "Mercies" in Spanish. These songs were inspired for a friend. That's a good way for works to be inspired... something to think about. Most of the songs were recorded on a phone and engineered through a Roland 2480.

Songs for Mercedes

1. For Dancing

2. In Cahoots

3. Harvest Belts [instrumental]

4. Halloween Town

5. Musical Sound

6. Down by the River [instrumental]

7. Sing Me a Song

8. Turnside Flip [instrumental]

9. Om Overtone

10. Greetings for Meetings

11. Love of Mercy [instrumental]

12. Enchanted Isle

13. Hidden Earth

14. Blueberry Hill


Art Glint

These tracks were previously unpublished until the 2016 reissues.

Art Glint

1. A Discourse on Deconditionism

2. All It Becomes

3. Baritone Phone Call in Venice Masquerade

4. Coppertown

5. Flies

6. Fountain of Folly

7. Four Rivers (Acoustic)

8. Hotel New York

9. I Like to Get Paid

10. I Love You

11. It's Better Now

12. Jane Evader

13. Miss You

14. Mistakes

15. Mudville Turkeys


These tracks were previously unpublished until the 2016 reissues.


1. Mystic Disease 4

2. One Next Door

3. Pay My Dues

4. Pessoa's Dream

5. Pinto Corvere (Live)

6. Quaintly Drinking Tea

7. Selling Stars

8. Ship Key

9. The Captain and His Lady

10. Tide Song

11. Working for the Organist

12. Working for Winter

13. World Going Crazy

14. You Can Do It

15. You Might Ask About It

16. Ze


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