Frozen Leaves

Frozen Leaves

by Alan Lewis Silva

Released 02/29/2016
Lusitone Records
Released 02/29/2016
Lusitone Records
This music is out-flowing guitar rock studded by youthful lyrics in their full age of some ripeness. Download the $1 full album at
All songs copyright © 2016 by Alan Lewis Silva

1. Frozen Leaves


There’s a shimmer
Off that ice-
Covered river
That reminds me
Of your eyes,

And it’s so clear
Yet frozen,

For the warm, spring thaw

By the hollow
The fresh snow has fallen,
And the tree bark
Has all turned black,

But the ground is
White and soft and cold
While I’m lost
Starin’ at the icy cataract


The weak
Sunlight here
Casts a shadow in the air

From the ridge
To the bank,

And early in the morning I
Lie staring
At the gleam
On the windows as I wake

I think of the past
As I’m lookin’
At that shinin’ glass
At daybreak
When I rise

And I know
Winter begins

Before the spring

As I
Wait for the sun to rise

Well, snowfall here
Is but a draft
In the air
Yet, I can tell you
The silence is good

Things aren’t the same
As the used to be,
But I
Cease to care
When I’m here
Cutting firewood

I can see the frost
Off my breath
Like smoke
From cigarettes
As I come by this way

It’s a long walk
To the creek,
But it gives me
The time to think
Of everything
To say


Your waxed
Black hair
Is a memory
Drifting from scene to scene
In this stupid play;

But of
Your mind
The thought
Just comes to mine

The roses
It portrayed

I’m sitting
On this hollow log
As the early mornin’ fog
Comes, like a drug,
Through the canyon

It overpowers black and white
As I
Slowly lose my sight,
And when I’m blind,
I’ll know I’m done


2. Genie

Grin like a fool
I wish I was cool
I’m takin’ thread from a spool

Grant me one thing
My song is a string,
And I’m walking
On a snow-melted spring

Genie, won’t you grant me just one wish?
Make me boneless as a jellyfish!
Green Genie, won’t you grant me
Just one more?
Make me a dinosaur

Boy, am I sad,
And I have been bad
Genie, I’m
Fallin’ asleep on the floor

I’m high when I’m down,
And there’s no one around
‘Cause this is Chicken Town

Genie, won’t you grant me just one wish?
Make me boneless as a jellyfish!
Green Genie, won’t you grant me
Just one more?
Make me a dinosaur

I good when I’m glad,
And, man, I been bad
I’m cutting a plow through the land

Give me a grin
Now you see what I mean
Before I bust this table in!

Genie, won’t you grant me just one wish?
Make me spineless as a jellyfish!
Genie, won’t you grant me just one more?
I wish I was a dinosaur

Oh, boy!
I got a new toy,
And I’m feelin’ pretty good now

Look under that rock
And inside that clock,
And you’ll find yourself
A new car

Everybody’s saying, “How does it go?
“Don’t you know me anymore?”
I say, “Well, were you ever here?
“Or have you ever been here at all?”

Genie, won’t you grant me just one wish?
Make me spineless as a jellyfish!
Genie, won’t you grant me
Just one more?
Make me a dinosaur

Two-foot five
Tall is my height,
And I’m white, too

I have clocks in my eyes
And bells in my ears,
And I’m thinkin’ of rosy deer

Don’t stick your tongue
I don’t think it’s fun—
You look like you’re on drugs

And I don’t like
The way you’re flying that kite
Anymore, love

Genie, won’t you grant me just one wish?
Make me boneless as a jellyfish!
Genie, won’t you grant me
Just one more?
Make me a dinosaur!


3. Goddess Aphrodite

Goddess Aphrodite,
And Apollo, his son,
Hung with Lusitanica
Back when the year was still 1

I seen a spider on my leg,
But I thought it was good luck,
So I left it there for an hour,
And I woke up in the hospital

Didn’t know how I got there,
Didn’t know how I’d get out,
So I claimed madness
I said I was a trout

They took me to the orphanage,
But it was closed
On Sunday
Because of The Rose

We played guitar for an hour,
Singin’ my mysterious song
In the alleyways
And the chimneys
Of the gigantic mortuaries
Where it all goes away

That’s when I made
A promise to myself
That I would never decay,

But here it goes…
They tried to chop off my left toe—

They say there’s a man named Charles
Knows how to handle a riot
When it erupts in his city
Even if he ain’t the target,

But it’s just the way the world
Turns when you’re not around
They call it Crazy Town

Crazy Town

4. Golden Palace

Crazy Joe is here
With his bride,
Toothless Ginny

Brother Mark
Has his bucktooth girlfriend
The one with her hair tied

In-To Pigtails
Is eating the oxtail soup

At this fine gathering,
Strange people,
You got to wonder
You gotta wonder

Somebody, put out the fire

Hey, you,
Play that trombone

Get out the pots and pans
And play some rhythm section

You gotta get it together

I find the recorder
Keep it goin’

I am feeling a little bit heavy,
But I’m
Sharin’ the expression with my

To the
Schedules of nature

Telling me to
Abuse, misuse, mistreat,

Take from the streets

The ideal form
The golden palace of limited
By the possibility
Of recognition
For the
Harvard contestion

Of the derelict

Of the fondest time
Of the greatest male who has spent time with you

5. Golden State

I saw the candle
In your eye
I saw the cloud
Going by
I saw the dust cloud
I smelt the strawberry flower
I've known how it feels

I have my tribe
I have my village
I have my native territory

What do
You do?

She went
To the restaurant
(To the restaurant)
She ordered a meal
(She ordered a meal)

The waiter knew her
(He knew her)
(Her little girl)

6. Good Pine Tree

I’m a good pine tree
I can last
A century

I’m a good pine tree
I can last a century
I live in a groooooooove
Enchanted by the deity
I’m always green and shedding
My piney smell tells the logger it’s easy
To choose between
A shelf or a sycamore,
But neither is free
I’m a good pine tree

Struck by a saw,
My sap was bleeding
I made a chest of drawers
But not a single toy
What’s wrong with me?
I’m a good pine tree

What lives
I could have lived
As a staff or a javelin…

In my shadows I gave
Campers and squirrels joy
Where homes and love were made
What’s wrong with me?
I’m a good pine tree
I’m a good pine tree
I’m a good pine tree

She is sleepin’ like an angel
When she wakes, she won’t wonder
If it was real

She knows she’s safe
No harm can come to her
By the danger has passed,
And now she is sleeping

Will I wake her with a kiss?
And give her a shoe of glass?
Slay a mythical beast
Inside me?
Good pine tree

7. Gotham Marie

Goddamn Marie,
There’s a great big world
Waitin’ at your feet

There’s room enough for walking, lady
Maybe I don’t know what you need

There’s a cold wind from the east
Pullin’ you away from me

Well, maybe you don’t care for somethin’
All I have is
What I need

We’ll take a walk. I know you’re going
Would you give me back my key?

You say we’re all just dead weight
Oh, tell me what you see

“The storm clouds on the distance
“Over every goddamn thing”

I try so hard,
But I can’t defeat them
I can’t do that,

Well, everywhere the forests
Are burnin’ up
To every mountain peak

It’s clear the world’s gone crazy,
But what about
You and me?

I want you to stay,
But I can’t be everything

And you’re bound for going,
So tears are bound for me

Goddamn Marie,
I love you
Do I have to come right out
And say it?

Do you care?
Do you care?
At all?
Just say it

If you’re going out west,
Don’t forget to look at the stars

You said you’d be one,
So, I guess,
Don’t forget
What they are

Something that’s burnin’
You don’t know; it might
Even be dead

It takes so long for the light to travel, you know,
Before it reaches your head

8. Grandfather’s Dream

All around

The bay I went

A better life
I could have spent

You loved me so good in Ohio,
And then I rode the cycle
And went to the West Coast
Why did I leave it behind?

Well, I’ll say
“It snows in Ohio
“Freezes the air

“The tired don’t run through Ohio
“‘Less you count the rivers there”

“Woman’s got a bad face,
“And I want to start in a new place”
“Oh, can I get a chance?”


Once upon a time I saw you
With your father,
A tall Jew

Oh, why did you say, “I’m a pacifist?”

Blood runs hot in the cold night
I want to fight with all my might

“There’s a war outside!” I heard

I’m gonna get a guitar, and
Sing and play in a bar, and

Change the world a-with-a
With a revolution

Maybe it’s evolution,
A tangerine illusion

I don’t know
Too much collusion
In the hemisphere

A-walkin’ on the carpet,

Your toes scrumblin’ in the armpit,

Mmhm, and then you ran by naked again,

And then I woke up

9. Greatnorthwest

I was
Looking for a treasure,
I was findin’ the fossil,

I was living in the ocean,
I was walkin’ on the ridge,
I was crooooossing
The bridge

Passin’ away
The unknown, and

I hurt
A little
Girl sighed

I heard the wolf cry
To the full mooooooooooooon…

I been livin’ in the Greatnorthwest
I’ve been
Teachin’ some kids

I’ve been
Writin’ my books
I don’t have time,

To take a walk
At the electronic window blocks,
Breakin’ apart the windows

If you want to stay with me,
I would like you
To make a promise
Will you be true?

Tell me now,
And make it forever
Say that you want to
Get better

I have a
Flamin’ star
I have got
A burning heart

Like a bumblebee
You can buzz with me
Buzz with me

I wrote a song that I was singin’
I been fishin’ in the stream

Taking apart
An “I”
—In the daylight

I went to the sandwich shop
To get a drink
The sandwich
Was made of some chicken
It had a little onion
And tomato

10. Green Moon

Green Moon,
I’m not crazy

Green Moon,
It’s getting’ kind of hazy

With the monkeys in the trees,
With the golden leaves,

Around the bend as they sing,
“The Monkeys in the Trees”

Green Moon,
Beneath the chicken sky

Green Moon
Wonderin’ why

He’s hangin’
Above the apartments

Green Moon knows it’s costly
To be so troubled

Green Moon,
I’m not crazy

Green Moon,
It’s gettin’ kind of hazy

11. Greetings for Meetings

Oh, Santa Claus—
Easter Bunny,
Where you goin’ with the money?

Got a guitar
Got an organ
Got a rubber band

12. Groaning, Grooving

Groaning, Groovin’,
The angry, black
Spider cat
Taps, taps, taps

The click-clack
Spider drum
Where all the hefty hebcats

On the matchstick,
Stone steps,
Cobble on the ground,
Goin’ down, down—
Down the path

I am the beached whale,
Dyin’ on the sand,

Afraid and paranoid
On the livin’ land,


With the Moon in the sky


In Mudville, Dirtblood,

Climbin’ up the broken stairs,
We don't know how we got here,

Lookin’ for the roof,
Smashin’ the floor
A head full of sand
And people in the doors,

I hoped I might be released from here
My anticipation floats through the year,
Fillin’ space in white ceilings
With smoke as if no one can

Groanin’, Groovin’,
The angry black spider cat
Taps, taps,
The click-clack
Spider drum
Where all the hefty,
Hefty hebcats reside

On the dirty, matchstick, stone step,
Cobble, cobble on the ground,

Genoa Prince buys your fat sow
For Princess
Kiss Dick,
But the fat sow is sick

13. Grove of Moonlight

Grove of moonlight
Where myrtle slumbers
Is never desperate,
Has many wonders—

I have attached a picture of it
This message is secure

Grove of moonlight
On a warm summer night
Is where gods are born,
And the future is destroyed

This message is a cure

Grove of moonlight,
Web of honey....

Den of roots,
Black and white suits
Vie for your heart,
Following tracks


14. Gypsy Clothes

I had a dream,
And I woke up in the desert
The sun was going down, and I was
Leanin’ on a cactus

Some gypsies,
They were singin’ and dancin’ with their
Gypsy clothes
And holding hands,

So I walked over, and,

A gypsy girl,
She read my palm
And, yes, I…
Understood what she was sayin’,

So I rode off in the sunset,
A Castilian stallion on my side
With the gypsy, diamond
Ring, and bracelet

Sold it on the black market
For a pretty penny,
And back to the canyon
Livin’ I reside to this day…

15. Gypsy Flies

Tell me lies,
Tell me you need me here
Gypsy flies hover
Around my stale beer

Disease wraps like a rope
On these dead-chained hopes
All the love,
All the love that was here just had to go

It won’t long—
No, no,
But it won’t be long—
No, no
It won’t be long—
Know maybe not all of it’s gone,

But you should be going
It’s too late to be up
You might forget
You might forget all I was

The tired has-beens
Have been
Drinkin’ up their misery,
Tellin’ me all their dreams

But it won’t long—
No, no,
But it won’t be long—
No, no
It won’t be long—
No, no
Maybe not all of them are gone

All songs copyright © 2016 by Alan Lewis Silva