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ALAN LEWIS SILVA has worked in the genres of folk-rock, blues, singer-songwriter, jazz, grunge, acoustic rock, and soul since 2001, publishing more than 25 albums in a short span of years. His influences range from Bob Dylan and troubadour lyricism to Mississippi John Hurt and folk-blues. ALAN's music and lyric styles are distinctively his own, sometimes with a 6/8 rhythm, sometimes with a dream, figuratively psychedelic, recorded independently through a variety of methods, means, situations, and devices, making his expression of California authorship a rare virtual estate. ALAN is a scholar, teacher, writer, and friend.

His MUSICAL SHADOWS collection, a 20-volume CD release includes song-by-song remasters of 333 original songs, matching the book publication of ALAN's lyric songbook, MUSICAL SHADOWS, a breathtaking tome that records the feelings and tastes of a young man growing up in California at the dawn of the Information Age, post-9/11.

ALAN is the author of a 310-page collection of modern poetry, NEW CENTURY POEMS, and a 436-page book of scholarly essays, CLAIMS OF IDENTITY.

He is the director and protagonist of a Southwest travel documentary, JOURNEY TO COLORADO 1-7.

MR. SILVA's most recent music album is April 25, 2017's, BLUES CHANGE.

. ALAN lives in San Diego and is currently working on new projects.

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