Jane Evader

Jane Evader

by Alan Lewis Silva

Released 02/29/2016
Lusitone Records
Released 02/29/2016
Lusitone Records
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All songs copyright © 2016 by Alan Lewis Silva

1. Jane Evader

The Riviera shines on honey,
And crazy money I’ll lose,
If only that, I’m good
Coastal cypress and warm skin
Make it hard to know if I should

Dance with me, Jane Evader
We’ll round the bend
Settle the blankets
And watch the seals play
Setting the day
Setting the day

Hairs of gold on your scalp
Could be braided like strings
I know my doggerel vulgate
Won’t impress your ears,

So I’ll smile—

She said,
“Do what you want,
“But I’m not a cross to bear
“To the top uphill
“Just do what you want”

Dance with me, Jane Evader
Let’s round the bend
We’ll dance on the water
With the present to give

You’re smooth when you’re talking,
I’m driving you back
For a strawberry cupcake
And a vanilla milk

Tulips and beautiful desks
Abound at the destination
While you’re absorbed
By the crest of the mountains
As you stare out the window

Dance with me, Jane Evader
We’ll round the bend,
Settle the blanket,
And watch the seals play,
Setting the day,
Setting the day

2. Keep It Real

Old clothes I used to fit into
I don’t fit into no more
The child I used to be
Had fins much smaller than me now

My body has stopped growing,
But not my mind for a person to bind
Old clothes I used to fit into
I don’t fit into no ‘mo

No, don’t kiss
Don’t speak
Don’t waste your breath
There’s nothing to do

Our time has left
It’s gone
It paid the check

No, please don’t worry
Please don’t wonder
Take your lipstick and go

Keep it real with me
I’ll keep it real with you
It’s better for the truth,
Or else you make a deal

When we brought them to the lake,
The bag o’ swimwear to take:
Snorkels, fins,
Goggles, lifejacket, and sunblock,

It all being very great
In the summer in Lake Tahoe,
Not so long ago…

Keep it real with me
I’ll keep it real with you
It’s better to be honest
Even if you break
One heart or two

Take your arms,
Your grip of bone,
Your iron eyes,
Your kiss of rust
The fire twists
In August fumes

If you’re seeking the truth,
Just stand in line at the bank
It just is,
And there’s no way to stop it

Keep it real
Keep it real
Keep it real

3. Keep Your Love Alive

You know it’s hard to keep your love alive
You know it’s hard to keep your love alive

Where the fishermen live, you wanted to be
Part of their goddess ‘neath aviary leaves,
And quick as an arrow shot from a hill,
You carried them to your bed

You moved up north to the California coast
Living in a depressed house
‘Cause it’s hard to keep your love

You became a farmer,
And you lived in the forest,
But one of your dogs died on the road

The man that beat you went to jail,
And it hit you in the morning in the rain

You came down to a city in the valley of the gold mine

A long-haired musician met you there

He introduced you to his vision and his mystery,

And you handed him your coat,

Sayin’, “It’s…
“It’s hard to keep your love alive
“It’s hard to keep your love alive
“You know it’s hard—
“Hard to keep your alive”

Your parents were from Mexico,
But they gave you Castellan armor
They taught you their language, but you didn’t remember
Now, you’re going home on the Santa Cruz ticket

What dreams will find you there?
Well, if you’re in danger, it might mean your death,
But if you’re okay, then please visit me

Please, visit me
Please, visit me
Please, visit me

Because it’s hard to keep your love alive
It’s hard to keep your love alive
It’s really hard
It’s hard to keep your love alive
Keep your love alive
It’s hard to keep your love alive
Hard as a boulder

It’s hard to keep your love alive
It’s hard to keep your love alive
It’s hard to keep your love alive
Keep your love alive
Hard to keep your love alive

4. Land of Trees

A long time ago in a place of trees
There was a young man as comely as the breeze

He had a shepherdess at home,
But one day the robber come

Takin’ everything in the house
Even the dirty mouse

One day he went after him
The boy is fair as the breeze was with him

With him

5. Leafy Seahorses

Leafy seahorses
Under the sea,
Under the sea,

Happy sea cow plays
Under the sea,

Beyond the haunted ocean
Where nothing clouds control,
Oblivion reuses
Octopus albinos

Do you think it’s a shame?
At home in their shells?
All the creatures known?
Roaming the reef?
Never alone?

I can see the ocean
And smell the salt,
And play on a drum,
And surf in the sun

Everyone waves
Everyone waves…

I love it—
I love it—
I love it—
I love it—
I love it—
I love it—

I could be your good friend
You can be my cousin,
Living in liberty,
Endlessly in concord

But the plastic garbage
And chemical debris
Find pieces of me
In the stream

6. Leaves of Fire

There was a time
When the meadow grove and stream,
The earth to every common sight to
To me did seem to me
Appareled in celestial light
It is not like has been in the days of yore

Turn wheresoever I may
By night and day
The things I’ve seen,
I now can see no more

The rainbow comes and goes,
And lovely is the rose
The Moon doth look ‘round her
When the heavens are bare

Waters on a starry night
Are beautiful and fair
The sunshine is a glorious birth,
But yet I know wherever I go

There had passed away
A glory from the earth
I, loving freedom, untried of sport
Of every randomness
Yet being to myself a guide

Blindly I have reposed my trust,
Resolved that nothing ever should fest
I shoved unwelcome tasks away
If I may assert more strictly,

If I may say,
Sweet Baby,
Come on, let me back
Through no disturbance of my soul

7. Like a Sailor

I’m like a sailor
Looking for land,
Like a scoundrel,
Like a man,
I’m waiting for you
To understand

I’m like a blossom
On a vine
I’m like a poor man
With time
I had it all for you,
And then it died

Forget my name
Leave me alone now
Listen clearly
That I’m not around

Like a foot
Cut by glass,
Like a child
Caught in gas
I’ve learned, I’ve learned
To never pass

I hope I don’t fall in love with you
I hope I never fall in love with you

Burn my letters
Because I can’t be like that
Forget about me
I’m never coming back

8. Like a Shelf

I rested with you there
With the spiders in your hair
Everything you had was just like despair,
And love to you was just a toy
Well, who was I to end such a casual joy?

You’re standing there nude
You look swell
Like something I pulled from a wishing well
Did I set my love on you
Like a shelf?

Well, now you’re chasing pigeons
Like the memories of your life
Remember what I told you
‘Bout sickness, greed, and strife?

Remember how I loved you?
You tore my soul apart!
It’s bad for my posture,
But it’s good for my art

You’re standing there nude,
And you look swell
Like something I pulled from a wishing well
Did I set my love on you?
Like a shelf?

Well, it’s easy to love you
It’s hard to know why
With that smile on your face
And that sparkle in your eye

I bet you got a few tricks
Tucked away up under your sleeve,
But it’s okay, baby
I won’t leave

You’re standing there nude
Baby, you look swell
Like something
I pulled from a wishin’ well
Did I set my love on you
Like a shelf?

9. Living in a Yacht

Living in a yacht
In Kentucky,
Feelin’ like rolling dice
To get more lucky

I think I heard the pain
Actually livin’,
And then the train passing by
Where we were

I hear the train go by
I thought that I could
Find another version of you
On a whole nether level,
But when I got there,
They were carrying a shovel

I hear a plane like a bird
In trees
I feel like
Falling back into
The breeze

Well, I would pardon
The ghoulish mask on your head
If I could pardon the egg
From bein’ on the bread

What matters to this oyster
Will matter to his shell,
So you can just number things
And in the morning go to Hell—

10. Lonely Isolation

Sometimes it does me good
To be a scarecrow of wood,
When I speak in my own tongue,
When I hardly have to care

In my lonely isolation,
In my lonely isolation

At times I'm on the highway
Where the children play
The lovers take their guides,
And they live other days
When I think of love,
I'm a kite in the wind
When I recline in my den,
When the feelin’ is useful,
The lines will bend

In my lonely isolation
In my lonely isolation
In my lonely isolation

Ancient are the ways
Of love I’ve learned
Wisdom never breaches
Songs in their storms

Is there no bird inside a cage that sings,
Surely not for nothing?
It makes a pretty little tune
Inside a tiny little tomb

Some peace for it is freedom,
Some melody unchained

In my lonely isolation
In my lonely isolation
In my lonely isolation

11. Lord Alfred

Lord Alfred said,
Lord Alfred told, “You won’t be leaving
You won’t go”
Lord Alfred turned the ground

The red rose of summer
Was pinned to her lapel
She wore cherry lipstick,
And it looked like a shell
Lord Alfred opened the road

Lord Alfred cried
Lord Alfred groaned
He said, “I’m losing my grip, and I can’t let go”
Lord Alfred was the lonely one

He wore a necklace made of talons
He had a dark purple jacket
It was made of silk,
And on the outside was a picture of a dragon,
For which he thought of himself as

Lord Alfred was a shallow ghost
Lord Alfred said, “You won’t be leaving
You won’t go”

Her face was beautiful
Her mind was unstable

As she
Had to open the galley
She wasn’t able
Her heart was a stone

Lord Alfred said,
Lord Alfred told her,
“You won’t be leaving
“You won’t go”
Lord Alfred turned the ground

As a final act of kindness,
She took his canary bird,
And she left for Santa Barbara,
And she didn’t take pity
He was livin’ in the city
Lord Alfred had to change his name
It was just a kind of cruel game

Lord Alfred said,
Lord Alfred told,
“You won’t be leaving
“You won’t go”
Lord Alfred turned the soil

Lord Alfred played the guitar
He thought that he would find it in a bar,
But when he got there, it was just a jar
Where they kept flies at the bar

12. Los Angeles Satire

Shake and thomp
Hop and squeal
Shake and thomp

Hop and squeal
Do what I want
I want to feel

Stomp and-thomp
You know I’m real

Shake and twist
Twist and shake
We went to the diner
I had to wait
For my brother

Twist and shake
Shake and twist

Roll and jump
Jump and roll
Roll and jump

13. Love Is a Lie

Love is a lie,
And never the truth is wanted
Illusion on the down and out caverns
Where people used to live,
26 forests being burned
For a faulty code
There no hope
But you’ve got the present tense
Like tellin’ a gift horse to get bent
Like pitchin’ a tent
On the home of your lawn


Memories I have
Are more precious than sinned
While I’m bored I think I am there again
Finding a few monkeys inside the forest canopy
They throw me bananas
And we go dancing around the bonfire blazin’
Of my former life and what I believe it was
And that is why, why, why

You know
Love is a lie

Upside-down backwards
In the contrary direction
Of serious order
Love makes no discretion
A woman falls in love
Seeking a man for control
When a man gives up
His solitary soul
The energy of unfathomed delusion
Makes a mighty empire
Outsourcing the labor
To moral dilemma
If love is a lie, then so is your life

Love is a lie
Love is a lie
Love is a lie

I love you, baby
I want you so badly
Like the sun desires the heat
Like an ice cube dissolves in its brilliance
I want everything you have
My own imagination
I want to gather the fields
The root in the ground stirs through the course
It mixes the damp earth
And around a merry-go-round
You can still reveal your circle of course
The direction of power’s imposition
Is the emotional cord
Fortified by the barbaric sword
Based on deluded minds
Because, because, because

Love is a lie
Love is a lie

Give me your hand,
Sweet, blonde dame
I’ll show you how the world’s the same
It’s a sort of playground for the people insane
Flowers are a way for living the right way
You can pin them on me, lover,
And I’ll find myself in the illusion again,
Searchin’ for the life,
Showin’ me the darkness
While my future’s defined
It’s unexpected to be like this
From the way you were born,
For the world’s too much hurt and is torn
That’s why, why, why, why

Love is a lie

For the waves on the beach without horns
For the harvest of corn
For the children you imagine adorn me
Fee, fie, foe, fie

Love is a lie

14. Love Is a Wheel (That Turns, Turns, Turns)

Once while I was on a Tibetan steppe
Praying at a monastery for human rights
I asked someone who lived there
How the way was,
If it was long
Between here and now
He said that its consciousness is a stone
I asked, “Whose?”
When he picked up the phone:
“There’s a message for you from the city being burned”
The voice told him
That for gold I should return
I asked the voice how this would help me learn,
And all she could say is that

Love is a wheel (that turns, turns, turns)
Love is a wheel (that turns, turns, turns)

In the Sahara I was travellin’ with smugglers
I was running guns
They were sellin’ slaves
It was just another day
In the 17th century, a million miles away
From our outpost in the oasis
A lion killed the men
I said that it’s my turn to die when a guardian
Angel protected my life
I said, “Thanks for the assistance”
The angel said, “You owe me”
I said, “I got a few weapons
“You can have them, but I don’t have any money”
She said, “That’s not what I mean
“What I want is more costly
“For your own good,
“I want your sick heart to yearn
“For the tropics of Tunisia,
“So you can spread the good Word”
But I cried and complained,
“How am I gonna get from here to there?
I’m just a gun-runner, and I crawl like a worm”
She said, “Love is a wheel
“It will take you there”

Love is a wheel (that turns, turns, turns)

Love is a wheel
Love is a wheel
It moves you, baby
It can move you clear
It will take you anywhere, everywhere
Love is a wheel
That turns, turns, turns

I was riding my horse
In a town on Mars
I asked out loud,
“How the hell did I get here?
“When I woke up,
“I was just a boy with a guitar
“Now I’ve got a beard, and I teach high school
“They voted me President
“As part of my sentence
“Now I rule
“Over a planet that despises my existence
“The sand in the face is the hot oil that burns
“The air that I breathe is almost as bad as L.A.
“My main squeeze died from a severe case of Heartbreak
“I ate a weird-looking cactus, and now I’ve got a bellyache
“The gypsy taught me her language,
“But I’m not permitted to speak it
“I wanted to marry,
“But I’d have to sell my soul
“To pay for it
“My only friend on this planet is a sere, yellow fern”
I asked out loud
How I got to rule Mars from the county of Kern
A voice descended from the heavens,
Telling me how it was

That Love is a wheel
That turns, turns, turns
Takes you anywhere, everywhere
Love is a wheel (that turns, turns, turns)

15. Love, Come Back to Me

Sitting on the rail,
On the double E,
Waiting for my baby
To come back to me
Everything in this
Life has an end
She says, “You’re like a river,
“Goin’ down the bend,”
And, oh, love love—

Turn back to me

It feels like a weight’s
Pushing on my back
It feels like a stranger
Gave me a heart attack
In the forest where the birdsong
Is in the air
Or in the palace
Where I would not hear
And, oh—

What a thing to say
Ooh, what a thing to say

Every day a man
Goes on trial for murder
Is that exactly
What you’ve done, brother?
I’m sitting on a rail
On the outskirts of town
With a lonely bunch of heroes
Pushing me around
Is that what you heard?
Oh, is that what you’ve heard?
Well, oh, love
Come back to me
Love, love—

Come back to me

16. Man in La Mancha

Opened up my book,
But you were on my mind,
So I wrote down at the table
What I had to say
I gave you this letter
I signed your name with a curve
You bein’ me on some other register
I think I might have lost my nerve

Baby, baby,
Why do you have to make fun of me?
And all the stupid things I do?
Baby, I’m in love you

I went lookin’ in the phonebook
I found the name of an attorney
About time I got to go to him
And say this heart you stole from me,
But he’s busy in Taiwan or New York,
And I don’t really care
I could be in Detroit

I’m in love you
Why’d’you gotta do it?
I’m in A Minor over you
Lord, lord, ahhh, oh-ahhh,
Good Lord!

Well, Don Cervantes wrote
A story about that man in La Mancha
Sooner or later a good man has to fall
Is that
What’s gonna happen to me?

Well, I don’t have no sidekick
Unless that’s you
I don’t got nobody to step to
All I got
Is a bottle of blues!
Back in A Minor
What’s it to you?

17. Manchild

I see you, I know you’ve been hurt
By just so many men before
You let them into your mezzanine
We’re the first ones out the door

Let me inside your building
Let me inside your home
I’ll show you a world
You’ve never seen before

I’ll tell you about the secret
That everyone says they know
People are liars now
It’s hidden in every soul

There’s statues nailed to your wall
There’s buildings and buildings and buildings
That are ready to fall
There’s gonna be an earthquake, babe
There’s gonna be an earthquake
Gonna level your town
Gonna level you,
Gonna bring you down

And who’s gonna be there
Who’s gonna be there in the future?
Who’s gonna be in your life to help you?
To be around?

Baby, it’s a circus now
This ole railroad train
Has only got one track on the ground

And everyone will try to tell you
The things they think they know about love
What can you say about something mysterious?
What can you say
About it, babe?

Well, I’ve been all over this country
I’ve been from Mexico to Tibet
Travelin’ ‘round
Well, the farther you go,
The less you really know
The world and yourself, too

Who am I, baby?
Who are you?
This world has put together like it
Has put us in a zoo

Well, don’t hurt your feelings, babe
You’d better just let them out
Maybe we’ll know each other someday
Maybe when it all works out

All songs copyright © 2016 by Alan Lewis Silva