Journey to Colorado 2013 - 2015

J2C 1-7 Soundtrack

by Alan Lewis Silva

Released 2013
Released 2013
A product of ambient sound, guitars, narrative, and keyboard, the soundtrack to Journey to Colorado 1-7 bristles with observations as a Southwestern gestalt.
Alan Lewis Silva describes his songs as “Familiar objects that are closer to someone, because they’re more human, less generic…Imagine you found someone’s lost backpack at the beach. It might surprise you to uncover a book filled with dusty poems and a cassette recorder from a thousand and one serenades. As you uncover the contents, the overpowering images and acoustic moods reach their equilibrium, like velvety photos becoming pillows, or musical feathers spiraling downward from garden-variety bedroom windows.”

Silva’s own bohemian lifestyle carries over into his work. “I’ve recorded music everywhere,” he says, “in different environments, with an eclectic group of people and in a diverse array of contexts, some less formal than others. I’ve recorded songs in a garage, a bedroom, a living room, a friend’s parents’ home while they were away in Italy...the list goes on.”
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