Mountain Stairs 2005

Big Green Country

by Alan Silva

Released 2005
Lusitone Records
Released 2005
Lusitone Records
Big Green Country is one of the several albums recorded during years at college. This at that house on Y. Lane, and this at the painting studio at S. It is a fun piece of subaltern intellectuality---or not?

The scene in the room was not what I intended
It to be when I found out what happened. I liked
The people there at first. Those who
Could be nurturing and comradesque. That
Was before the smallest amount of money
And recognition made ripe arrows
Froth, pushing green blood from a monster’s
Vines, arrogant veins of sanguine cupidity; it
Was considered a big deal. There were two mountains
On either side and a sea reigned by Adamastor
I saw between them a sequence of events
Now I hope to smile and say prayers
When I think about how I'm on a desert isle
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