Mountain Stairs 2005

Gypsy Songs

by Alan Silva

Released 2005
Lusitone Records
Released 2005
Lusitone Records
Gypsy Songs is about the ones that got away. It also voyages through piano-jazz and nylon-stringed wonders. Contains vibrant tales of exile and demure disillusionment. A masterpiece.
Alan plays acoustic songs in a variety of styles from Indie to Folk to Blues. He takes inspiration from a variety of sources in music as well as from literary figures. Imagine Bob Dylan channeling Ernest Hemingway or Leonard Cohen writing tunes after reading some work by T.S. Eliot or The Velvet Underground trying to make sense of William S. Burroughs. He describes his songs as “familiar objects that are closer to someone because they’re more human, less generic.”

His bohemian style is a direct influence on his work. “I’ve recorded music everywhere, in different environments, with an eclectic group of people and in a diverse array of contexts, some less formal than others. I’ve recorded songs in a garage, a bedroom, a living room, a friend’s parent’s home while they were away in Italy...the list goes on!” He’s currently recording his latest album in an old bank vault.

Alan Silva… keep an eye out for him. He’s going to make history some day.

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