Musical Shadows 2

Jane Evader

by Alan Lewis Silva

Released 2016
Released 2016
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All songs copyright © 2016 by Alan Lewis Silva

1. Jane Evader

The Riviera shines on honey,
And crazy money I’ll lose,
If only that, I’m good
Coastal cypress and warm skin
Make it hard to know if I should

Dance with me, Jane Evader
We’ll round the bend
Settle the blankets
And watch the seals play
Setting the day
Setting the day

Hairs of gold on your scalp
Could be braided like strings
I know my doggerel vulgate
Won’t impress your ears,

So I’ll smile—

She said,
“Do what you want,
“But I’m not a cross to bear
“To the top uphill
“Just do what you want”

Dance with me, Jane Evader
Let’s round the bend
We’ll dance on the water
With the present to give

You’re smooth when you’re talking,
I’m driving you back
For a strawberry cupcake
And a vanilla milk

Tulips and beautiful desks
Abound at the destination
While you’re absorbed
By the crest of the mountains
As you stare out the window

Dance with me, Jane Evader
We’ll round the bend,
Settle the blanket,
And watch the seals play,
Setting the day,
Setting the day
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