River Trilogy 2007

Numas Estrelas

by Alan Silva

Released 2007
Lusitone Records
Released 2007
Lusitone Records
Numas Estrelas is a concept album about time-travel based on Japanese picture scrolls. It is a fantastic journey, and it has a lot of Rock in it. It has been professionally mastered. It was first published in 2007.
“Love Is a Wheel (that turns, turns, turns)” by Alan Lewis Silva (c) 2007

Once while I was on a Tibetan steppe
Praying at a monastery for human rights
I asked someone who lived there
how the way was, if it was long
between here and now
He said that its consciousness is a stone
I asked, “Whose?”
When he picked up the phone:
“There’s a message for you from the city being burned”
The voice told him that for gold I should return
I asked the voice how this would help me learn
And all she could say is that
Love is a wheel that turns, turns, turns
Love is a wheel (that turns, turns, turns)

In the Sahara I was travelling with smugglers
I was running guns
They were selling slaves
It was just another day
In the 17th century, a million miles away
At our outpost in the oasis
A lion killed the men
I said that it’s my turn to die
When a guardian angel protected my life
I said, “Thanks for the assistance”
The angel said, “You owe me”
I said, “I got a few weapons.
You can have them, but I don’t have any money”
She said, “That’s not what I mean.
What I want is more costly.
For your own good, I want your sick heart to yearn
For the tropics of Tunisia, so you can spread the good Word”
But I cried and complained,
“How am I gonna get from here to there?
I’m just a gun-runner, and I crawl like a worm”
She said, “Love is a wheel.
It will take you there”
Love is a wheel (that turns, turns, turns)

Love is a wheel
Love is a wheel
It moves you, baby
It can move you clear
It will take you anywhere, everywhere
Love is a wheel (that turns, turns, turns)

I was riding my horse
In a town on Mars
I asked out loud, “How the hell did I get here?
When I woke up, I was just a boy with a guitar
Now I’ve got a beard, and I teach high school
They voted me President
as part of my sentence
Now I rule over a planet that despises my existence
The sand in the face is the hot oil that burns
The air that I breathe is almost as bad as L.A.
My main squeeze died from a severe case of Heartbreak
I ate a weird-looking cactus, and now I’ve got a bellyache
The gypsy taught me her language,
But I’m not permitted to speak it
I wanted to marry, but I’d have to sell my soul
To pay for it
My only friend on this planet is a sere, yellow fern”
I asked out loud
How I got to rule Mars from the county of Kern
A voice descended from the heavens,
Telling me how it was,
That Love is a wheel (that turns, turns, turns),
Takes you anywhere, everything
Love is a wheel (that turns, turns, turns)

Numas Estrelas

Performed by: Alan Lewis Silva
Label: Lusitone Records
Genre: Folk Rock
Catalog #: ALS100016
UPC bar code: 885007528258
Disc: cd
Release date: January 27 2007

1. Love Is a Wheel (that turns, turns, turns)
2. Roll It
3. Into a Day's Work
4. Shall I Play My Lute
5. Numas Estrelas
6. Her Soldier's Coming
7. Decadent Priest
8. Hell in November
9. Eating in a Japanese Picture Scroll
10. Renown Black Peacoat
11. Blue Roses
12. What Happens Next
13. Love, Come back to Me
14. Rambly Andy

Grilli, Elise. Japanese Picture Scrolls. New York: Crown Publishers, Inc., 1958.

All songs (c) 2007 by Alan Lewis Silva
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