Secret Life 2006

Secret Life

by Alan Lewis Silva

Released 2006
Lusitone Records
Released 2006
Lusitone Records
"3 black pens when all I need is two," said the singer as he stumbled toward the wall, testing the moment he pressed it to see how strong it was. "The poly-ticks of partial-men," the Prime Minister of the United Church of God, continued he...
Alan Lewis Silva (Alan Silva) recorded his first album in Santa Barbara in 2001. His style of bohemian troubadour thus developed. Between 2001 and 2013 Silva mostly recorded in the vein of the grunge-folk-blues poet-singer-songwriter. The recording quality was often basic yet provided a spontaneous view into the nature of poetry. From 2004 to 2008, Alan Silva was revolutionary as an independent musician. He recorded 4 albums per year from 2004-2007. He has maintained a continuous publishing frequency since then. The songs themselves are less an autobiography but a chronicle of the changing epochs and experiences of youth maturing.

“Secret Life” (c) 2006 by Alan Lewis Silva

In my secret world there are no wars
In my hidden vision I have a soul
It will take you practice, but I have done
Everything the executioner does for fun

The truth is just another kind of lie
Versions of death are a slice of pie
The more heartache you possibly absorb
Tells a great much more about these chores

You get up in the morning and you go to work,
Stick dogs in their cages, and you raise your fork
I pray to the Lord I might be forgiven
For the guilt you placed on me for my tyranny living

The secret life will place you high
It will show you how and tell you why
The secret life will place you high
In my secret life

On the road where you work, I am there
With a clown’s cape and a ticket to the fair
I’m just a Portuguese version of myself
Is that why I’m so depraved by your empty shelf?

I could not care for rest because I’m blessed
To find you naked in the sun with every breath
I took from your choking, heaving breasts
In my secret mind where I passed all the tests

Time for fun is scattering on the hedge
But that won’t keep one from making their pledge
To see you in every shadow and darkened room
With clues of crimes pasted to the Moon

The secret life will place me high
It will show me how and tell me why
The secret life will place me high
In your secret life

The broke-down castles of the vanquished Moor
Demonstrate my valor when it comes to either-or
And if you evade me now, it won’t last
Because in all due manners my patience is past

The birds of wanton women are featherless
And I can’t learn flight from their straight-jacket vests
Secret war is filling up the wild, chaotic night
Battle shots ring out from their vague, lifeless eyes

I have known great people that weren’t conned
You want me to believe that it must be a sin
Without that special kind of force-field sun
Where they live in frigid, dirty guns

The secret life will place her high
It will show her how and tell her why
The secret life will place her high
In his secret life

The falcons of the Azores have a single haunt
Like Camões, I’m on a listless jaunt
If the face of the devil is like pure solitude
Pray he doesn’t search to find my rectitude

If there’s a fact for you it can’t be Love
That’s just a rumor of disease killed long ago
But if She wants to hold my hand, do it kindly;
And tell her I’ll be at the watchtower, ready

The secret life will place him high
It will show him how and tell him why
Oh, the secret life will place him high
In her secret life

Don’t hesitate to buy me right now
If you need an invitation, consider how
The slaves cut down the lumber and lit it on fire
Merchants wanted to sell it but they couldn’t get no higher

You couldn’t take their rules and vie leave
The mess of blood they showed with their constancy
And for worthwhile bankers, abscond with the funds
Because that’s your function so feel good and loved

The currency God will thank you kindly
Distribute wisely. Don’t forget your churches
And patronize your progenitor sons
Barter your daughters for the Chosen One
And if the secret man should arise in California
Do what you can to bribe him with your cornucopia

The secret life will place them high
It will show them how and tell them why
The secret life will place them high
In our secret life

The ant hills are bounded with the army
And it will invade you if you don’t revolt from their aim
And if you want to show another way of living,
You don’t know the very meaning of giving

You only need to invest spirit plus
All the enforcement of dictators and puss
It will free you from sanctified order and lust
Once the witness identifies the purified mush

Give me your noble legs and your hairless groin
Show the whole world your golden coin
Where comets pass with deathless secrecy
The secret life will glorify your vain publicity

The secret life will place us high
It will show us how. It will tell us why
The secret life will place us high
In their secret life
In our secret lives
In our secret life

“Really Love You”

I saw you in the morning
Looking like an angel
I saw you in the morning
Looking like an angel
I took you the parlor
I made love with you there
And we marched through the tall grass
Like soldiers, going through the park

And now I realize that I really love you
Really love you

It happened yesterday, the same old thing
When I woke up in my bed
Thinking about what happened
And the memories of the night
Did I see you again in the pyramid
When the flames were trying to get a start?
Was it then that you stole my heart?

I saw you in the evening
You looked like you were real
I took you to the basement covered with steel
I showed you where I keep my engine
And the parts, a locket and a chain,
And a watch that starts
The ship is somewhere around
Find the sail if you can

We walked to the—
Sought through the—
Finding out I really didn’t want to do that
Uh, uh, uh

And now I realize that I really love you
I really love you

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