Lusitone Records T-shirt
Color image on white cotton

This shirt is available in sizes small to extra large.

It is also available in women's sizes (small to large).

ORDER THIS T-SHIRT via the Contact page.

Nikolai Rimksy-Korsakov T-shirt
Silkscreen image on white cotton

This great shirt is available in sizes small to extra large.

You can order this T-shirt via the Contact page.

Interesting trades considered.

New Century Poems T-shirt
Sizes Small to XXL

A surreal vision of life moments, this T-shirt is a reproduction of one of Alan Lewis Silva's paintings, also featured as the cover art for New Century Poems. You can order this shirt via the Contact page.

Chargers! T-shirt
Sizes--> Small to XXL

What better display of a thunderous spirit and affection for electrical devices than this beautiful T-shirt? The reverse side says SILVA 13. Use the Contact page for order information.

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