Vegetables Taste Good

Vegetables Taste Good

by Alan Lewis Silva

Released 03/01/2016
Lusitone Records
Released 03/01/2016
Lusitone Records
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All songs copyright © 2016 by Alan Lewis Silva

1. Vegetables Taste Good

The world sucks
The sewer’s filled with blood
A cat bit my head off,
But I’m in love

Vegetables taste good
Vegetables taste good

If I had a million bucks,
A thief came in the night
In a cage of fortune,
Betrayed by a knife—

Treasure seekers
Looking for me,
Not distracted by the plight
Of a billion homeless children
Sayin’, “Love isn’t right!”

But vegetables taste good
Vegetables taste goo-ooo-ood

Your mother is a gambler,
Your step-father a chief,
You held me prisoner for lovin’ you,
But today I’m released—

Beneath constellations and mirrors,
Mystic hammers
Bring no relief
I’m a poor heart bein’ wounded
As I’m pounded on the street(s)

Vegetables taste good
Vegetables taste good

On the riverboat ferry,
There’s a damsel in distress
Her eyes have been enclosed
In the envelope of her dress

If it wasn’t for the money,
I’d have never confessed—
That, in the situation’s elbow,
There was fire on her breath

Vegetables taste good—
You know they taste good!

The priest says that I’m evil
The pupil says I’m boring—
The partisans are screaming
While the enemy is rejoicing

There aren’t words anymore
As much as there’s toying
Their barnacle brains
We’ll be eating in the morning

Vegetables taste good
Vegetables taste good

My horse smells like a woman,
So I called her “Sallie Le”
I asked her to be married
To my prized honey bee
The minister
Surely won’t agree,

But I’ll ask him,
“Please, please, please…
“You know they may be sinning,
“But at least they’re free”

Vegetables taste good—
Vegetables taste good—
Vegetables taste good

The rain is a-smilin’
The golden road is yours
For the price of a pencil,
You can own the dreamy shores—

Of product and surplus
The waters have endured
A broken, loveless longing
That will lead you to the cure

Vegetables taste good
Vegetables taste good!
Vegetables taste good
(Like you know that they should)

The world sucks
The sewer’s filled with blood
A cat bit my head off,
But I’m in love

Vegetables taste good—
You know that they taste,
They taste…
They taste gooooood

2. Waiting for the Revolution

The slaves in their quarter
Have plenty to do
Buildin’ bridges, trapped in prisons,
Dreamin’ of the Moon

Thank God he gave us women
Though we despise His Jew,
And in the night we find Jesus—
Take communion, too

It doesn’t matter Dracula
Hides in your soap
You cut the chicken’s head,
And it bleeds all over you—
So I’m waitin’ for it, too

Well, first you had Marx,
And then you got Lenin
He killed millions of people,
But only ‘cause he had to

You don’t take power peacefully
When they got the guns,
And if you’re not happy with the system,
Take up one

Millions comin’ out,
Not an angel in their midst,
Unless you count on Judgment,
It’s gonna be a mess…
Waitin’ for the Revolution

Well, first you start with violence,
And you hit ‘em where it hurts,
You make allegiance
To the brute of bloody worth

And after all the killin’
When you finally get some bread,
You de-radicalize,
And you praise the holy Head

You say, “Yeah, I love Marx,”
As you couple with your serf,
And when you change positions,
And she does,
“Thanks, God. It works”

Because she’d just as soon not kill you
As you’d listen to her,
So I’m waiting on the revolution,

It can happen with a protest,
Or it can happen with a look
In a book you might read it,
Or love might be the hook

That they gauge you and mistreat you with,
Along with what’s true,
Like the freedom to exploit you
And your destiny brood

You can either quit production
And be a beggar on the street,
Or you learn from their example
And get powerful feet

Marchin’ for a vision in your mind,
A vision in your mind!
So I’m waitin’ for the Revolution
Revolutionary times…

I saw her file on my desk
I reviewed it with care
She has no friends, a few comrades,
But I’ll burn them in fire

Kill her family, her history,
And murder what’s been grown,
And in the name of Revolution,
I will liberate the town—

So I’m workin’ for the Revolution
Cling to what I’ve done
I’d rather not be incompetent
Revolution, son

So, I’m workin’ for the Revolution,
Workin’ for the Revolution

3. Walk Through Paris

“It’s late,”
He says, “We must be going
“If not now, we never will”
Her panic hits the room
Like a lead balloon
Over all the walls she’s built

A tall man scrambles to the kitchen
Father Raven cracks a smile
With teeth chipped and broken,
He says, “The plan is just too wild,”
And outside the houses,
Nothing ever holds
All their futures and their histories
Mean nothing to the road

All-night saviors park their cars
And look for souls that are not dead
“Jesus Christ,” says the first one,
“I think I just might lose my head”

The pauper ties a banner
And puts his words into the sail
Thinking, if he really tried,
It might just wind him out jail

The banker counts his matches
And lights a fire in the stove,
Cooking up the bread of lies,
Which his friends call “Hope”

Nearby women park the car,
And they button up their coats,
They gather ‘round a flagpole
And they talk of last night’s joke

The boys they thought were men
Wouldn’t treat them right
“Nancine,” says the first one,
“I’m so tired of the night,
“But I’ll get used to it
“I’ll figure out this place,”
But you know she doesn’t mean it
If you could only see her face

Somewhere else in Hell,
The captain fishes off the boat
“One never knows what one may catch,”
The captain likes to quote

The mad man
Searches through the notebooks
He looks for symbols in the code,
Thinking, Didn’t all this happen long ago?

The retired writer
Drinks his coffee by the Seine
He talks of ambulance drivers
And cold, Genoa rain
He’s a lot like the captain

He says, “You can’t predict your gold
“Or assume a good meal
“Won’t satisfy your soul,”
But his stories have no equal
Because it’s not love or war they explain

He says, “It’s just a walk through Paris
“Or the cold, Genoa rain”
To him,
It’s all a walk through Paris

4. Walking Through the City

Walkin’ to the city,
The city lights so bright,
Walkin’ through the city,
Into the shadows of night,
Walk into the darkness,
Bleary for the light,
And then I ran
Into the midnight gate

Well, oh, little darling,
Come on home
Oh, sweet darlin’,
Don’t leave me alone
Oh, dear Matilda,
Did I ever tell you
“The Story of the Lonely One”?

A long time ago
In Rue Fortune
A man came a-walkin’
He was pale as the Moon,
And everybody was sayin,
That “I love you,”
But he couldn’t
Believe their words

Doc Paterson
Saw him by the patio
He got Johnny Rollins,
And they walked down the road
They found a pretty woman
With shaven toes
And said, “Wow,
“We got ourselves a catch!”

The boy went a-walking
To a toothpick house,
Carved out his name,
And met Mr. Mouse—
Said, “What are you doin’ here?
“Get outta my pad!”

The sky was red,
And clouds were white
A crowd in the plaza
Was looking for a fight
Every single person
Was bein’ uptight,
So they
Had themselves a ball

The boy went a-walkin’,
And he said to the girl,
“Miss Shaven Toes,
“You’re the queen of my world—
“Come back with me
“This is a whirlpool”
She said,
“I’ll take your offer next week”

So he had to guess
What would happen by then
He said,
“I guess that’ll do
“‘Cause I got no friends”
Then Doc Paterson
Pushed it over the end,
And he married that woman he loved—

Is a good thing bad?
Or a bad thing good?
Nothing ever happens
Like you think it should,
So, Matilda, come here,
And love me good,
And let’s try to not go to Hell

Walkin’ through the city,
The city lights so bright,
I was walkin’ through the city,
Into the shadows of night,
Walking through the darkness,
A-bleary for light,
And then I ran
Into the midnight gate

5. Walls Are Thumping

The walls are thumpin’
The cars are bumpin’
Twelve new moons in year

My hands are crazy,
And I’m getting lazy
Think I might step
Out of here

A toilet’s grumblin’,
And it’s swowly swishin’
A rainy night in Hollywood

I’m typin’ my sonata
In lonely California
I think I’ll leave this place for good

Well, don’t come close,
And don’t get near
It’s such a struggle when you gotta lend an ear

There ain’t no connection
Between a man and his lisp
If you make the list,
Then you’re on the road

A toilet’s grumblin’,
And it’s slowly swishin’
A rainy night in Hollywood

I’m typin’ my sonata
In lonesome California
I thought I left this place for good

6. Waltz Tune

Goodbye and Farewell,
My dearest old friend,
I see you calling this the end
In a year and a day
While the melody fades
Perhaps you will capture me then
I loved you in
The fairest of weather
And also when storms blew me away
I’m so fond of the way that you’re leavin’ me,
But I guess I’ll forget you again

Part of me dies, but more of me lives
A part of me is crippled, but some of me gives
I won’t pretend that I’m better
I’m just sufferin’,

But I have family and the context of living,
And I can’t blame you
For resisting
The chains of the world
And the bindin’ of duty

Goodbye and Farewell,
My beautiful lover,
You were for me
When I needed you
I took what I needed,
Which was part of your heart
I helped your digression,
And you gave me art,

But I am so lost in the vagueness of livin’,
The fog of a haze in my head that I’m swimmin’
A side cannot hold the wings that I glued them,
But don’t grow horns
To hold up the halo I fastened to you

It can’t be a crime to want you like this
It would be a sin for you to refuse me
I’ve done everything I could possibly do
I worked it all out because I loved you

Farewell and Adieu,
To the last of defiance,
The army captain
Has besieged the Moon,
And I am but a loon,
Singing and confused
With drunk poetry of the blues

For the past, for the past,
I’ll fight ‘til the last
For freedom, love, and bliss
It can’t be a crime to want you like this
It must a crime to refuse me,

So I will sing a waltz tune
I will sing a waltz tune
Well, I will sing—
A waltz tune

I won’t pretend
That I’m better
You might make me suffer
That’s all—

But I have a home
And the context of living,
Stonewashed jeans,
And a nifty waltz tune

7. Wandering Shield

Only yesterday
We were friends,
But now you don’t
Want to see me through to the end

Oh, no
Oh, no…
Oh, no
O não

Well, I see into you,
And I feel like a villain
How could all this
Be happening?

Oh, no, oh
Oh, no…
Oh, no
O não

What kind of face
Do I have to wear?
What’s happening
To the air?

Oh, no
O não…
Oh, no
O não

I’ll protect this land
The best I can
I won’t give up
I gotta take my stand
Well, shouldn’t this
Make me your man?
I did the best I could
With a losin’ hand

Now don’t be mad
I’ll be your son
Just give me your love
I’m the wanderwing one

Oh, no
O não…
Oh, no
O no

8. Was Loving You a Mistake

Forget last year’s promises
Tonight I’ll break them all
The bells they toll for Jesus,
Mother Mary, and Saint Paul
Pigs rummage through the yard,
And then they bite the snakes
I undress and go to bed wondering,
Was loving you a mistake?

The music of stray sounds
Echoes through my head,
And I make a prayer for progress
As I kneel at my bed
Outside a wind is blowing
From the darkness of the lake
I toss and turn beside you
Was loving you a mistake?

The tolling of an hour
Shakes me from the sleep I’m in,
But again I think I see you,
So let me crawl within your skin

Poke the fire,
Watch the ember,
Put the flame back in its place
Lie together. We read fortunes,
And I touch your youthful face
All around the earth is moving,
But the earth within me shakes,
Asking when I kiss you softly,
“Was loving you a mistake?”

Too many travels
There’s too much madness in the wind
The day’s a wasted circle,
So the sunset must begin

I watched flies and felt the season
I heard the season say, “Too soon!”
With my body sweet like wet grass
As I stumbled to your room
The leaves are turning brown
The fall air won’t hesitate,
And I think of last September,
Was loving you a mistake?

9. Water in the Well

I got a home in Kentucky,
But it’s covered in snow
The winner passed
A long, long time ago
I had to open my arms wide,
Wider than they’ve ever been
I can’t tell which way is up
The wind’s blowin’ again

Water in the well…
Water in the well…

I spent so long selling horseshoes
I couldn’t find the Horseshoe Man
My bedroom is covered with cobwebs, and
My head’s full of sand

Water in the well…
Water in the well…

Well, sometimes you gotta strike fear
Into the heart of someone
To make ‘em do what they should
Other times, you do it ‘cause you want to,
And you burn in Hell like a piece of wood,

And it’s water in the well…
Water in the well…

If I remembered all the advice
The city fathers gave to me
It wouldn’t a-done me any good
They’re not workin’ for me

Once I found a diamond girl
That showed me my dark side
I wouldn’t make that mistake again
Because I love her eyes

Water in the well…
Water in the well…

And if I ever go back to New Orleans,
Say a prayer for me
Who am I to refute the universe?

Water in the well…
Water in the well…

10. We Can Go

We can go somewhere
Before—the hurricane comes
Saddle up the Cadillac cherry red
Drive it into the sun

Head for nowhere
Head for somewhere else
Head for Ellis Island
Head for…
Head for your love

Ooh, baby,
The fires might burn
Oh, this whole world
Might just seem
Too ugly and torn,

But it’s love,
Love that heals the wound—
You find that you can love it, baby
There must be room
For me

Everythin’ just seems to change
Everyone is slowin’ down
They’re losing the pace

11. Well Wishing

Wishin’ on a well,
Lookin’ at her face,
Lookin’ at a well,
Wishin’ on her fate…

This young boy opened the book,
He was sweet
He took a second look—
And someone said:

“In forested demesnes
“And in the open, wild air,
“Faunus and Silvanus are hidin’ in
“The shadows everywhere
“Comin’ to California”

Wishing on a source,
Paintin’ his portrait,
Painting my source,
Wishin’ on her portrait…

This young girl
Has a ticket to the Fair,
But she doesn’t know anyone there,
And somebody said:

“He was thinkin’ of days in his past
“When she was makin’
“Wine for the glass,
“Livin’ in a city in France
“He’d be for leavin’ it all for the coast,
“But she’s already had
“Her head full of smoke”

This young boy opened the book,
He was sweet—
He took a second look inside,
And somebody said:

“Whispers and secrets
“Are not really words
“You can feed yourself,
“But it’s not your turn
“Some hostage in the street
“Is the only type of person
“You’re gonna meet,
“Especially in this country,
“Coming to California
“Comin’ to California”

Wishin’ on a well,
Kissin’ my bride,
Kissin’ my well,
Wishin’ on a bride,
Wishin’ on a kiss,
Bridgin’ to the bride…

But you know
I’m too young to get married,
So I’ll add to the confusion

Well wishin’
In California

12. What Happens Next

First I said, “I love you”
Then I left
You hadn’t said you love me

Well, what happens next?
What happened next?

Well, first things are first
The last is the best
Neither of us wanted
To depend on the rest

Oh, what happens next?
What happens next?
What happens next?

We’re walkin’ down the road,
Because we’re unimpressed
By delivery drivers
Asking us for the right address

They’re delivering another turd
And a paycheck

Ooh, but what happens next?

You see that things rise
Then they sink
It only takes a good ticket
To understand that it stinks

You can join the Army
Dress with interesting pink,
And, oh, you’ll see

What happens next
What happens next?
Oh, well, what happens next?

They’re sending you
To the desert
You’ll be seeing all the children there
And all of the older people
They don’t want the education
They don’t want
Anymore of your
Friendly occupation

Oh, but what happens next?
W-what happens next?
Well, what happens next?

You can try to get out of it
Anyway you can
The likely effect will be that
You’ll be asked
To draw a line in the sand

If you cross on the one side,
You’ll be a traitor
If you’re on the other, you’ll be dead
And the witch, Hecate,
Is—causin’ a hex

Oh, but what happens next?
What happens next, next?

The forces have realigned
You’re going back home
You’ll see that your family

Is so glad to see you
Even if you’re talkin’ on the phone

But what happens next?
What happens next?
—What happened next?

13. What Is There

What do you get
When you mix
An elephant with a rhino?
Hippies I know…

She had a leather jacket
She had some clothes that
She got from her friend
Who was a sergeant
She was looking for the answer,
Lookin’ through the window
In the land of mirrors

She found something
Somebody wanted
She found something
That people left behind
She found a signature
That someone signed,
But she had no idea—

“Is this here?
“What is there?”
What is there—

The circle rips the square…

14. What You Do

Once upon a Indian reservation,
A wild coyote looked at me,
Over by the highway
Where the old man’s junkers used to be, now
I thought that coyote
Was sayin’ to me,

“Who the hell are you
“With that stupid beer in your hand?”
And the Moon was rising on the hill

In the desert of Mojave—
Used to be a stagecoach alley
Now, they’re flyin’ spaceships into the Sun

Turn on the lightswitch, baby
You might find me naked on the bed
I been waitin’ for you
I been so bored since you been at work

Look, I wrote another new song—
Then I smoked it in the bong
While I was waitin’ for you

15. When I Was a Boy

Love that never knew mysteries
Of God or the parting of the sea,
Leanin’ on Eternity

Carin’ for me
When I was just a boy
When I was just a boy

Women that held me without concern
Of who I was or my love for them,
Storing me up inside their skin

Caring for me
When I was just a boy
When I was just a boy

O, the things I knew then
Are just ripe legs,
Like your skin,
But I still feel like a boy

Friends that helped me with my state,
Madness for who would lead me through the way,
Cooking food in a cold apartment house

Caring for me
When I was a boy
When I was just a boy—

O, what a condition I was in:
A broken-up heart
And a song to sing,
Thinking of a dream
That absconded with me

Carin’ for me
When I was just a boy

When I was just a boy
Oh, yes,
When I was just a boy

When I was just a boy—
Yes, when I was just a boy

All songs copyright © 2016 by Alan Lewis Silva