When I'm 84

When I'm 84

by Alan Lewis Silva

Released 03/01/2016
Lusitone Records
Released 03/01/2016
Lusitone Records
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All songs copyright © 2016 by Alan Lewis Silva

1. When I’m 84

Sweet Melinda,
As I enter your room,
Will you tell me a story?
How many men have been before me?
Did they come with gifts?
Or divine religion?

Sweet Melinda,
You’re on the level
Don’t turn your head
Let me rub your shoulder

When I’m 84—
When I’m 84…

Will you love me while I wait?
I’m waiting for you
In the midnight
Of a basement
Of a room

Will you
Take off your clothes?
In the wonderment of life
And love,
Love of love?

When I’m 84

Any place you lay your head down,
You can call your home
But that doesn’t mean,
You don’t feel alone


I have known you for a day
Awaiting fado
Of four
Arms and legs

Believin’ you,
Believe in me—

As I finish Forever,
I dissolved in a mattress

When I’m 84—
When I’m 84—
When I’m 84

Any place you lay your head down,
You can call your home
But that doesn’t mean,
You don’t
Feel alone

The kitty purrs…
As she rubs my leg

2. When the Good Ship Comes

Soak your skin in the water,
Rest yourself, and finally let go
Go to sleep. It seems so easy
When the sun is setting low

No regrets and no more sorrow,
Love waits for no one,
And we’ll be on the fisherman’s ferry
To drink wine
And then be merry
When the good ship comes in

Touch the clear, pearly water
From the quay to the inn
The revolution can wait ‘til tomorrow
When the ship comes in

No regrets and no more sorrow,
Love waits for no one,
And we’ll be on the fisherman’s ferry
To drink wine
And then be merry

Um hmm,
When the ship comes in…
Um hmm…

Well, we don’t need to talk to no one
We’ll all feel fine
I was thinking about your offer
For a second time

No regrets, and no more sorrow,
A love waits for no one,
And we’ll be on the fisherman’s ferry
To drink wine
And then be merry when the…

Um hmm,
When the ship comes in…
Um hmm,
When the ship comes in

3. Where True Love Grows

In the ice cream world,
What will we find?
In the ice cream world,
Will you be mine?

There’s too little for leaving,
But my wish is to go
Off to other worlds—
Where true love grows

In the diamond world,
We can be as one
In the diamond world,
In the dark behind the Sun,

I been waitin’ since Creation,
Freezin’ in the snow,
But we can go off together—
Where true love grows

Baby, I hope I think I know
What’s led us to Eden
Ain’t the way to go

In the jeweled cosmos,
We’ll find a place we belong
In the bejeweled cosmos
It won’t be long

Can you feel the momentum?
Feel your spirit letting go
Off to other worlds—
Where true love grows

4. Who Am I

So much I will tell you
Some things I won't
The secrets that I'm hiding
I could say, but I don't—
I could say, but I don't

I will tell you a story
Of people long ago
Of kings and queens and merchants
And maidens of gold—
And maidens of gold

Singers tied to the fence posts,
Carnivals and clowns,
The circus chases ‘em down—
Circus chasin’ ‘em down

Some people say,
“You're a mystery”
They don't know me at all
There are those I tried to help

The traitor stabbed with silence,
And he took away my name
It’s a duty and a privilege
Now that I know this in vain

Who am I? Who am I?
I could say, but I don't
Maybe I tell you when you get there,
Or maybe I won't—
Maybe I won't

I tell you a story
Of people long ago
Of kings and queens and merchants
And maidens of gold—
Uu, and maidens of gold...

5. Wild Love

Wild love in the mornin’,
Give it to me
Until the music ends

Spontaneous love
Means you’re crazy

For someone you don’t need
For the times you must bleed

Wild Love,
Give me
Taxes to impose
For my memories
For things I should have done, but I didn’t

Or things I shouldn’t have done,
But I did anyway

O Wild Love,
Wild Love—
Lead me away…

Wild Love
Don’t give you no mercy

It only works
When it’s heavy duty

Like where you’re trying to die

Or where the relationship
Makes you want to cry,

Like a baby condor
That falls from high
In the wheel of human intrigue,
When people are hurt
By force fields
And magically expensive suits,

The actor in the play must realize
That, despite the prize
Of living life high,
“It was the wild love
“That kept you alive’

It’s the Wild Love in the clouds
As they fly

A mystic in the desert
Asked God for ten commandments

Well, here they are:

One is to forage;
The second, to gather;
The third, to reinforce
The covered banner;

The fourth, to show love;
The fifth, to give alms;
The sixth, to eat food;
The seventh, to cure disease;
The eighth, to write poetry;

The ninth, to follow the orders
Of the tenth commandment, to lead

Wiild Love knows
It knows me

Wild Love
Knows your heart,
Knows the weakness of your bones,
Knows where to caress you

To delight
The same place that anyone else
Could rip apart

Wild Love
Does what it wants
It’s wild enough to be human,
Civilized enough to be man,
Savage enough to be another country,
Simple enough to be undone

But it is
Still in the end
Just wild love

The path of colored
Serpent is beautiful
The extreme
Hides in its core
Of sheltered love
Beneath hidden skin
The elephant tusks,
The shark fins
Love don’t know

It gives itself up
It turns into hatred
When the moment is gone
Or givin’ in itself
People who already know it,
Have no use for it

Wild love!

Wild Love in the mornin’—
Wild love, lead me away

6. Winter Comes So Quickly

Winter comes—so quickly
There’s nothing to end
The rain, which lasts forever
Honey, can’t you let me stay in

It’s love
That is driftin’ on the highway,
Like a hobo on the road
Haunted by the cold

Once I get Downtown,
I’ll have a friend for the night
That it’s not death I fear
But the ruins of a life

What, I woke up in a churchyard
By an ole county road
Waiting around for a ride
While the cold winds blow

But when I get to Richmond
With the star is shinin’ brightly
I will stay in the darkness
With my baby behind me

Because there’s so much to do,
But there is so little time
I’d like to stay for a while,
A million dollars bein’ mine

Something must be burnin’
I hear the fire engine bells
Callin’ to the angels
That there’s nothing to sell

But the fire burnin’
Through the recollections
That they’re putting out with their hoses
An old romantic spell,
Blazin’ like an oak tree
On a Sunday drive through Hell…

I could be in another land
It could be Lisboa, but I don’t know
If I could live there a gypsy
With only one place to go

Because the automatic smile
Throws its confetti in the air,
Obviously half-believing
That there is magic in the air,

But it’s love you see
By the brick wall
By the fences
Behind the white picket
Brick wall

It’s hiding
Somehow protecting
Me from the
Experiences tumblin’ down

But I drift through the city
Where the motor engines moan
Stuck by the desolation address,
Which has become my home,

While the city harlots
Try for the deep night
Sayin’ it’s not death they fear,
But the ruins of a life

Oh little darling, baby,
You must call me on the red phone
Take away my innocence
Make me feel less alone

Because love is misguided,
Abandoned on the trail,
Where so many have wandered,
Where explanation fails,

Comin’ into my mind
As I lie down only to think
How you brought me your fireworks from Heaven
And then left me at the brink

Winter comes so quickly
There’s nothing to end
The rain, which lasts forever
I’m drenched, baby
Can’t you let me in?

7. Wolfman vs. Dracula

In the lair
Where the treasure was hidden
Underneath a mattress
In the wizard’s house,

The trap door
Beneath the ovens
Revealed the bones of

And the Wolfman got rabies
From biting a dead dog
He thinks he’s a vampire
He wakes up his girlfriend

She thinks she’s crazy
Livin’ in a coffin
He needs a shave and a haircut
He can't stand how he looks in the mirror,

But his hatred
Of the wizard on the hill
Gets his goat...

8. Working for the Organist

It’s just gonna be everywhere…

Awm, let’s get it started
Get back to that soon

I was
Workin’ for the organist

9. Working for Winter

Hold your hands
When you talk to me
A lot of rope
You’re giving to me—

The blues singer by the bar
Knows me
Just last year
He owed me his life,
Which I spared for good advice,
The kind you don’t forget

Said, “Never trust a woman
“Never bring her to your parent’s house
“Unless she’s wealthy
“Or she’s havin’ your child…”

I was in a jam
With a girl
I got a little bit too soft,
A little bit too attached
To jumpin’ on the same body mass,

But I’m makin’
A new dawn
In the future stick
I am marking my thoughts,
Places I should be,
Reasons to exploit
That you know

My own vanity
Sold me down the river
Now I’m working
For winter
Against the other seasons,

Putting them down with my frozen winds…
Where you’re visiting the castles,
Seein’ the people
Completely modern,
Losin’ all your life,
Losin’ all your life…

10. World Going Crazy

They pointed their guns
At me
They said I’d
Had to sign their treaty
All their faces were darkening
In the corn huts
There were speakers listening
She gave me my
Best picture of insanity
When she was driving
A nail through the baby

They’ve been tortured
On an island in the Caribbean
They say that they’ve got the information

Well, I’m sailing to Africa
On a journey
To find Noah’s Ark
And his Attorney,
The Lawyer for God
(I’ve gotta insure my liability—)
What they say
The kind of special responsibility
That if anything goes wrong
They can call on me
And make a request anytime
That I might save their
While their teeth fall out—

The eyelid exploded with TNT
The “I” was closing, the ear opening,
The flower
Painted orange was dying
The baby withering
(Just being born the day before)
Thrown into the garbage bag for dinner,
Cookin’ in the trunk of a car,

Made the headline a day ago
They said, “Woman Gone Crazy,”
But they didn’t know
She was just acting in a film script,
And then the tables were turned:
The tortoise’s head came from its shell
Bit off the fingers
Of Queen Elizabeth II—

The world going crazy
Because the woman
Was the next President of the United States
She pressed the button—

To let all the animals free from the zoo
The monkey threw his shoe
At his employee
You can buy it now on eBay
Or date him on eHarmony

You know,
Whether you like it or not,
You’ll have to listen to their orders
As you try to recover
A little of your secret life
In the middle of the War—

There was a tribe in the desert
They encountered a township
With soldiers looking like birds
With armor and swords
They asked who was their leader
They brought them to their temple
Where the priestess
Inserted them
Into her body
In full audience:
His name was A— S—,
The same one who lives in Ridgecrest

At the end of the street
Where all the smilin’ people meet,
They were turning on and off the lights

11. Wow, You Are Living in San Diego

It’s raining outside
It’s raining outside
The animals are wet somewhere…

Are you are an animal or a man?
Are you awake or living in Japan?
Wow, you are living in San Diego

Are you aware?
Of the fairy tale
That’s told?

Money and Power…
Money and Power,
Money and Power—
Are not the American Dream

Give me nothing—
I don’t want anything
Leave me alone
Let freedom ring
Let freedom ring…

I want to read a book that I can trust
I want to live
Let me write a book I want
I want to live—

…Are you living in Japan?
When you are livin’ in San Diego?
What are you watchin’?
What are you thinkin’?
What are you doin’?
Who are you?

12. Xes

Living in a mirror
Is the only way to leave
Breathing like a zero,
Rustlin’ in the breeze
Shooting like an arrow,
Travelin’ through the seas
All just to make it with you
In the Philippines

Well, I called up the doctor,
And she saw how it went
Passing like the ashes
On your forehead during Lent
She said, “Take a hold
“Before you get spent,”
But I just want to
Make love once again

The city says farewell to the country,
But the country wants to take her back,
And a train takes a plane,
And then the plane takes the space
Between here and every other place

I have a butterfly
On my wall
Posted with
A pin-tack in its back
It got stuck in a frame,
But it looked good in the glass—
And glass is just a liquid, you know,
Except it’s slow,
And everything between
Me and you is an undertow

Well, I’m livin’ in the Bungalow Hotel...
I been here everyday
Feeling like the Mona Lisa,
Smiling in a very hidden way

Oh, baby, I still love you
I speak, but I’m confused
You see everything keeps turning,
Turning from me…
Oo Xes—

13. Yes, Yes

Sizzlin’ on the stove
Oh boy!
I can hardly wait—

What she made for me, O Lord!
I will feast from my plate
Yes, yes, my love,
My love is good to me

The petals on the orchids
Are a symphony of sight,
But I confused
What others consumed
Well, I’m having my meal

There’s a beacon in the starlight,
So my love and I shall see,
And closer than ourselves
The both of us shall be

Yes, yes,
Yes, yes,
Yes, yes
My love is good to me,
So good to me

14. You Can Do It

I was born
In a pyramid
I was born to
Worship the lightening
Fall like Indra
Yeah, I was

For the waters of the ocean
That covers the world
In the south
I could smell the breezes
Of the fruit trees
I wanted—to return to—
My old skin
Before I changed,
And I saw differently

Ooh, come back to me evenly
All at once
Once I’ve
Been forgiven my transgression,
But I guess I’m asking for a lot
You can do it—
You can do it

Seen a lizard
To my friends,
Like havin’ a conversation
With the dry bone,
Like some kind of exhibition of
Trying to make a god
Out of a God
Or some kind of fallin’

And there then those words were flamin’
That I remember
Those words were flamin’
Fallin’ down,
You and I,
As if dead,
As if deafened

15. You Choose You Lose

On golden strands
In a picture
Of a home in the States,
Her connection
Won’t last
For Boston or New York
Or faces in glass

You choose you lose—
You choose you lose…
You choose you lose

Pretty toys
On restaurant tables
She keeps for a joke
Do you have a rope?
The barber
Bares balls on a board
Cut the hair with the crap

The groom’s toast
Is worn out
The baby’s unborn
And cleaned out

You choose you lose—
You choose you lose…
You choose you lose

Rise to heaven on a beam,
Fall down in a storm,
Go away in the valley
To the King and the Kingdom
In the dream of wisdom

You choose you lose—
You choose you lose…
You choose you lose

Rock and roll dreams!
A dime a dozen,
But you don’t need
An excuse to fall in love
It’s meant to be
It’s meant to be

You choose you lose—
You choose you lose…
You choose you lose

16. You Might Ask About It

Once there was
A Fox in the woods
He got along
Like most foxes would
The Bear was a certain affair
He couldn’t cover up
It stank

That reminds me of
In Africa there’s a
Similar condition
‘Cept, instead of sinking,
You’re sinkin’

When I put the two things together,
I knew I’d have to get goin’
Back to my home
Get myself well conducted

I put on my hat, and I was inducted
You might ask about it
You might ask about it

17. You’ve Tortured Me

You’ve tortured me so much
It’s my turn to torture you

I shan’t play these games
Because I shouldn’t touch you

A younger man might make
Something of you,
But your blood, as we all know,
Seems to ooze

You lie, and you deceive
Baby’s no good for me
You’re the queen of broken hearts
That’s not the card that I need

Someone’s always yelling
People squabble in the street
Like mirror of my mind
In all that I greet

You’ve made me just like them,
But that’s a sin I can ignore
I can’t make love again
Until I see you in the back door

It only takes a promise
For you to break it twice
Who should show you any love
When it disturbs paradise?

Forty virgins awaiting
In a land by the mountains
With amphibious bullfrogs
And many mouths to feed

They call me “Papa”
In my mystic dreams
Beneath the purple flowers of stars
Between satin sheets

It only takes a promise
For you to break it thrice
Who should show you affection
When it shatters paradise?

You’ve tortured me so much
It’s my turn to torture you
Wherever you’re living,
That’ll do—

You lie, and you deceive
Baby’s no good for me
You’re the queen of broken hearts
—Not the card I need

18. Ze

A lover lost in action
Found another day

Is broadcast on the highway,
But she can’t tell the way

Because the song isn’t real

On the enchanted isle

Newspaper headlines
Limit the page,
But she gets on anyway
The cat ran away
Chasing rose blood on the tile

For the enchanted isle—

The night
The rhyme

The darkness makes me laugh
The day makes me cry
I sit on a land,
Starin’ at the sky

Get that good bread
Taste the tongue
Drink up of the blood
Before you run
The light on the back
For Dionysus of the Nile

Or the enchanted isle…

All songs copyright © 2016 by Alan Lewis Silva