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Alan Lewis Silva is a California author and folk singer, independent publisher of over 400 songs in the vein of blues, fado, folk-rock, and jazz. His songs are lyrically oriented, heavy in imagery, and give a Californian, Millennial, cultural expression to the plights and imaginations of the human soul submerged or emerging from the effects of the Information Age. He is the voice of a generation. Although his music has not been commercially successful, it does have integrity and is original; Alan retains ownership of all his songs, music and lyrics, and is currently working on other projects. He lives in San Diego.




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August 16, 2019: Musical Shadows Vol. 10 published. CD EDITION .


August 7, 2019: Musical Shadows Vol. 9 published. CD EDITION.


August 1, 2019: Musical Shadows Vol. 8 published. CD EDITION.


July 12, 2019: Musical Shadows Vol. 7 published. CD EDITION.


July 10, 2019: Musical Shadows Vol. 6 published. CD EDITION.


May 8, 2019: Musical Shadows Vol. 5 published. CD EDITION.


April 21, 2019: Musical Shadows Vol. 4 published. CD EDITION.


April 10, 2019: Musical Shadows Vol. 3 published. CD EDITION.


March 22, 2019: Musical Shadows Vol. 2 published. CD EDITION.


February 22, 2019: Musical Shadows Vol. 1 published. CD EDITION.


December 19, 2018: Publication of Musical Shadows Remake by Alan Lewis Silva (in 20 volumes). For commercial inquiries pertaining to the music catalogue of Lusitone Records® and / or Alan Lewis Silva (ASCAP), please contact Our music catalogue is administered at this time by CD Baby.


November 7, 2018, Audio Book - NEW CENTURY POEMS by Alan Lewis Silva published. BOOK EDITION.


November 6, 2018, Audio Book - MUSICAL SHADOWS by Alan Lewis Silva published. BOOK EDITION.


November 6, 2018, Audio Book - CLAIMS OF IDENTITY by Alan Lewis Silva published. BOOK EDITION.


August 29, 2018, Portuguese English Bilingual Bible, in six volumes, published. These books are available in multiple formats, including for free


Playland California (CD) published January 27, 2018. 


Claims of Identity (Book) published January 10, 2018. 


Blues Change (CD) published April 25, 2017.